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ProHealthcareProducts.com—Supplying Innovative Rehabilitation & Fitness Equipment

At ProHealthcareProducts.com we understand that to effectively treat your patients you need access to cutting-edge equipment at affordable prices. We are passionate about providing the very best physical and occupational therapy equipment available to help you help your patients heal and thrive. From evaluation to completion of treatment, you can count on ProHealthcareProducts.com to provide the supplies and equipment you need to help restore your patients to full function and participation in their daily activities.

innovative-physical-therapy-and-rehabilitation-products-from-pro-healthcare-products.jpgFor over nine years, ProHealthcareProducts.com has been a leading supplier of therapy, rehabilitation, and health & wellness supplies and equipment, with a wide variety of advanced and brand name rehabilitation products, as well as providing efficient and responsive customer service. We work directly with manufacturers in order to extend valuable price breaks to our customers. Our helpful and knowledgeable team has deep knowledge of the latest equipment trends in physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, and sports medicine and can provide you with efficient customer support. With competitive pricing, quick delivery, and a no-minimum order policy, ProHealthcareProducts.com is your partner in creating and running a successful rehabilitation practice and clinic.

Whether in a private practice, home, hospital or other type of health care setting, ProHealthcareProducts.com has the supplies and equipment needed to perform full evaluations and treatment. Based in Idaho, but available for shipping world-wide, we’ve worked with many top universities, sports teams, and Fortune 500 companies, including:

  • Universities - Duke University, Towson, Clarke, Washington U., KU, Texas Tech, and more.

  • Pro Sports - NFL, MLS, NBA, NHL, Euro and Aussie Soccer, Rugby, and many more.

  • Major Hospitals and Rehab Facilities.

Featuring medical equipment from industry leading manufacturers such as:

enovis.jpg Top of the line strength evaluation equipment like hand dynamometers, inclinometers, goniometers, and more. Dynatronics is a manufacturer and distributor of rehabilitation equipment and advanced medical devices. Browse over 8000 products and supplies.
CanDo® exercise products have been used to increase strength, rehabilitation, and improve balance, coordination, and flexibility for more than 30 years. Makers of top of the line Ultrasound, Electrotherapy, and other physical and occupational therapy products. Whitehall Manufacturing specializes in Therapeutic Whirlpools and other rehab products.
Drive Devilbiss is the maker of top mobility and rehabilitation products for home and clinical care Hoggan Scientific manuafactures some of the top manual muscle testing devices on the market.  See all Brands...


You can count on ProHealthcareProducts.com for the supplies and equipment you need to restore your patients to an active and healthy life. From start to finish, we offer a comprehensive line of quality products to meet all your patient’s unique treatment needs, including:


Products for All Types of Ailments Recover Faster with the Right Tools Save Money and Build Your Business
physical-therapy-products-for-professionals.jpg Recovering from and injury or building strength with the right equipment Everything you need for your Chiropractic Practice


At ProHealthcareProducts.com everything we do is guided by the following foundational principles:

  • To offer excellent, high-quality products, manufactured by skilled and specially trained personnel and manufacturers

  • Use competitive pricing and increase value on all of our rehabilitation products

  • Deliver uncompromising customer service and flexibility for individual customer requirements

  • Provide our clients with valuable information, supplies and equipment on the latest trends and innovations in rehabilitation

  • Commit to being a valuable partner with rehabilitation facilities by committing to top performance and delivering efficient results

Contact one of our sales representatives to learn more about the diverse lines of rehabilitation products and supplies we offer at ProHealthcareProducts.com or browse our best-selling products by category today.