Bulk Face Masks


News regarding mask regulations...

In an effort to keep our customers and others updated on current regulations and conditions for mask wearing mandates, we have provided the links below. In addition to these regulations from the CDC and other national agencies, more specific information about ongoing regulations for wearing masks is most often from local school districts, cities, and state goverments.

The following masks are well stocked, ready for shipping. - Updated February 2, 2021.

Adult Size Face Masks

Youth Size Face Masks

Mask Making Kits - $0.25 Per Mask - Sew Your Own Masks

We now have mask-making kits available for sewing cotton face masks in black or white colors. If you know how to sew or have volunteers who can sew, you can turn these kits into masks.

$125 for a kit that makes 500 adult masks or about 600 youth masks.

What size of bulk do you need?

  • Packs of 500 Face Masks Packs of 12 Masks
  • Packs of 100 Face Masks
  • Packs of 500 Face Masks Packs of 12 Masks
  • Packs of 100 Face Masks Packs of 5 Masks

Looking for bulk packs of face masks for your organization? We have several options available and in stock for quick delivery.

We have stocked millions of masks made of 100% cotton, polyester, and fabric blends.

Our bulk packs of 2-ply and 3-ply fabric masks come in various quantities, ranging from 12-packs up to packs of 500 masks.

We also have one-layer face coverings that come in packs of 2,400 for $1 each.

These masks are available to be shipped the same day (if ordered before 4pm Eastern Time).

Adult and Youth size masks available: Many schools and school districts are requiring students to have masks when they return in the fall of 2020. If you need to order masks for your teachers and staff as well as for younger students, let us know how many numbers of each you need, and we can accommodate your requirements.

These bulk mask packs come blank, without decoration, but they are easy to add a logo to if you need to customize them for your particular organization.

Back to School Sale | White, 2-Ply Cotton Masks | Limited Inventory

$1.35 per mask for bulk packs of 1,000 masks


We have about 15,000 white, washable, reusable cotton face masks that we have put on sale as school districts and others prepare for the fall season under the direction of orders requiring face masks to be worn by students and teachers. These masks were made in the USA of 100% cotton material along with a comfortable, stretch fold-over elastic material for the mask borders and ear loops.

If you'd like to save money on your organization's budget for back to school face masks, this is a good option.

These masks are 2-ply. They fit most adults as well as teenage children.


Bulk Packs of 500 3-Ply Cotton Masks

These masks are $2.00 each and come in case packs of 500 masks.

Bulk Packs of 100 3-Ply Polyester Masks

These masks are $1.99 each and come in case packs of 100.

Large orders (starting at 2,000 masks or 4 case packs) qualify for discounted pricing.

Youth Face Masks

These youth-sized face masks are designed to fit kids ages 5 through early teens. Once teenagers reach 14 to 17 years old, they are nearly the size they'll be as adults, which makes it practical to use adult sized face masks for late teens into adult ages.

These masks have adjustable ear loops, which makes them suitable for school districts and others who need to outfit a large group of kids of varying ages and head sizes. These are our most popular youth sized masks, and they're often paired with one or more styles and colors of the adult style masks shown above for getting ready for the fall school season and dealing with COVID-19 restrictions.

Shipping Details

Most of these masks ship from our warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida. We have the white face masks in three different warehouses positioned throughout the US.

The estimated shipping times for each type of mask is shown in the chart below, which includes the warehouse each color is shipped from, the inventory available (inventory numbers listed are for packages of 500 masks), and the estimated shipping times for each color mask. Please Note that all masks are not returnable due to CDC guidelines.

Bulk Cotton Face Mask Shipping Times

One-Layer Face Coverings: $1 each

These single layer face coverings can help you meet local and state requirements for reopening for business after the COVID-19 outbreak. They are just $1 each, and come in three different colors: black, dark heather grey, and navy blue.

Other Options

ProHealthcareProducts.com Partnership with Walk Industrial

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, ProHealthcareProducts.com has partnered with Walk Industrial to offer wholesale bulk packs of cotton face masks that are made in the USA by production teams located in California, Utah, Idaho, Illinois, and Tennessee, and shipped from our fulfillment center in Champaign, Illinois. We have several different styles of bulk face masks available.

If you are interested in reviewing what the CDC recommendations are regarding cloth masks, we've included those below for your reference.

We are shipping tens of thousands of masks daily. To help organizations meet the demands put upon them by government mandates, including as they relate to re-opening the US economy, we can expedite shipping. This includes shipping within one business day and sending shipment overnight.

Our bulk cases of masks come in quantities of 500 up to case packs of 2,500, but we can also break those up into smaller units if that's what your organization needs.

If you have questions or need more details about the quality, construction, payment terms, or other aspects of our masks, you can call our support team at (833) 332-2365 or email us at Support@FamilyFaceMask.com.


2-Layered Mask with Filter Slot


Buy in Bulk | Black Cloth Face Masks | Discount Pricing

Pricing for the BLACK5 black mask starts at $4.99 for an individual mask.

However, have a discount schedule that provides discounts for mask orders starting at a quantity of 100.

To calculate the pricing for your bulk mask order, use the following discount breakdown:

Price Per Mask: $4.99
100-999 masks | 20% discount
1,000-5,999 masks | 50% discount
6,000-9,999 masks | 60% discount
10,000+ masks | 70% discount
Expedited Shipping Available


Product details about this style of mask are available below...

Wholesale Face Masks | 100 Pack | 2-Layer 100% Cotton Fabric | Shipped Daily from USA | Washable, Reusable | FamilyFaceMask Brand

BLACK5 Cotton Mask: Features and benefits:


Each mask contains 2 layers of cotton fabric, the inner layer of mouth mask is made of soft cotton for a really comfortable and warm fit.

This mask is designed to be used as-is, or it can be combined with a filter. There is a slot in two layers of the the mask that give the wearer the ability to

Strong elastic ear loops provide a secure and comfortable fit that is easy to put on and removed.

Lightweight, durable, machine washable and reusable


MATERIAL: Cotton reusable face mask

PACKAGING/SHIPPING: Face mask bulk orders are packaged together in bundles as opposed to coming in individual polybags.

Made In The USA

The CDC recently suggested wearing cloth masks or similar during the shortage of N95. Read more about the CDC guidelines on cloth

masks and how they're being used in the COVID-19

Wholesale Bulk Pack Cotton Mask Wrap-Around Style

Wrap-Around 2-Layer Cotton Mask


WRAP5 Wrap Around 2-Layer Cotton Reusable Fabric Face Mask Features

This is a less expensive mask designed to provide protection for the face at a lower cost than the GREEN5

Pricing for the WRAP5 starts at under $3 per mask, with tiered quantity discounts depending upon volumes up to 50,000+

Price Per Mask: $2.99 100-999 masks | 10% discount 1,000-5,999 masks | 30% discount 6,000-9,999 masks | 35% discount 10,000-49,999 masks | 40% discount 50,000+ masks | SPECIAL PRICE $1.50 Expedited Shipping Available

Specific details about the WRAP5 wrap-around style cotton mask can be found below.

Bulk Cotton Mask Wrap Around Style


This mask is made of two layers of 100% cotton. There is no sewing involved in creating this mask, which allows us to sell it at a very discounted economic price.

This mask has four straps (two on each side) that allow the user to attach the mask by wrapping the straps around the head (as opposed to attaching them to the ears) and tie the mask behind the head.

CDC Guidelines on Cotton Masks and Personal Protection Equipment

In April, 2020, the CDC released a set of recommendations related to cloth face coverings, which include cotton masks. You can view those recommendations on the CDC's page entitled Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19.