Face Masks Kit - Pack of 5

Black 2-Ply Cotton Face Mask Making Kits - Pack of 500

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Pack of 500 Black masks making kits.These kits are great if you're on a tighter budget and you have some sewers who are ready to jump in and manufacture masks, this mask making kit can help you save money. Priced at $125 for a kit that makes 500 masks, with volunteer labor, you can create youth or adult masks for only 25 cents each.

What comes in the mask making kit?

This mask kit includes the following

  • 1000 pieces of high quality, made in USA, black, 100% cotton
  • 500 yards of black, 1/2 fold-over elastic
  • 5 rolls of black thread
  • Instructions on how to sew the masks

Together, these materials are enough to produce 500 black adult-sized masks. If you want to use this bundle to create youth-sized masks, you will not need all of the fold-over elastic, since the youth masks differ from adult masks in that they use slightly less elastic to make the mask ear loops.

What's involved in making the masks from the kit?

These masks are simple to make. Some of our sewing team members have been able to make as many as 40 in an hour, especially those who have faster industrial sewing machines.

To make these masks, you simply sew together two layers of fabric by using the fold-over elastic to create borders on both sides of the cotton material. One the side borders have been created, you then use fold-over elastic to sew around the top and bottom of the mask, extending the elastic beyond the fabric so that it creates ear loops.

Please see the video below for more instructions on how to sew these masks!