What is the Difference Between the Current Solutions Pro 2000 Ultrasound and US 1000 Ultrasound Units

What is the Difference Between the Current Solutions Pro 2000 Ultrasound and US 1000 Ultrasound Units?

An increasing number of individuals with various musculoskeletal injuries or conditions are seeking to continue their physical therapy treatment at home using some of the therapies they received at their therapist. Patients are keenly aware of how different treatment interventions make them feel and want to continue receiving those benefits at home through the purchase of portable home use units. Therapeutic ultrasound devices are one of the most common, if not the most common, purchased devices for home use. Several conditions are indicated for the use of therapeutic ultrasound. These include:

  • Soft Tissue Shortening – restoring ROM lost from contracture and/or scare tissue – combined with stretching when tissue is still warmed
  • Soft tissue healing and repair
  • Diminish pain – increased blood flow that washes away metabolic waste products/chemical irritants that cause pain
  • “itis” conditions – tendinitis, bursitis, fasciitis, epicondylitis, arthritis
  • Musculoskeletal syndromes/conditions (carpal tunnel, nerve entrapment, TMJ dysfunction)
  • Ligament sprains, muscle/tendon strains
  • Trigger points – desensitization
  • Muscle spasms – heated tissues have increased blood flow → eliminates chemical irritants, alters nerve conduction speed, and relaxes muscle tension (e.g., IT Band tightness)

ProHealthcareProducts.com sells two portable home use therapeutic ultrasound devices. We are often asked what is the difference between the Current Solutions Pro 2000 and the US 1000 ultrasound units? The chart below presents those differences for your consideration.


Product Feature

Pro 2000

US 1000


Manufactures warranty

1 year

6 months

From date of purchase


Applicator sound head warming feature

Yes – 3 min preheat time


Preheats to 95°F for patient warmth and comfort

Ergonomic design of applicator

Yes – new and improved sleek ergonomic design


Ease of holding/griping reduces musculoskeletal stress to the wrist joint and thumb/fingers. Controls are on dorsal surface of applicator

Watertight applicator head

Yes – can be used with ultrasound gel and also underwater (head only)

No – must only be used with ultrasound gel

The watertight feature allows use of head (only head) to be placed under water, e.g., treating hands and feet where it is difficult to keep the applicator head uniformly against the tissue which can result in reflection loss of energy and reduced treatment effects

Treatment Timer settings

3 treatment time settings (5, 10, or 15 minutes)

30-minute treatment timer with auto shut-off

Typically, treatment time will be in the 5-to-10-minute range, but can vary based on size of area treated, ultrasound frequency, intensity, etc

Material of Applicator




Beam Type:



Parallel beams that spread minimally as it propagates

Power Source

AC/DC Adapter

AC Adapter – 110 Volts AC (DC 15V)  


Product Specifications

Pro 2000

US 1000


Acoustic Frequency

1.0 MHz

1.0 MHz

1 MHz frequency sound waves are transmitted through the more superficial tissues and absorbed primarily in deeper tissues (3cm to 6cm depth)

Temporal Maximum Output Power

6.4 W + 20%

4.0 W + 20%

Intensity is the rate at which energy is being delivered per unit area and is a function of both the pulse width and pulse frequency, measured in watts (W)

Effective Radiating Area (ERA)

4.0 cm2 + 20%

6.16 cm2 + 20%

ERA is the surface area of a soundhead (faceplate) that transmits a sound wave from the crystal to the tissues

Mode (wave form) and Duty Cycle

Operates in “continuous” mode (100% Duty Cycle) and “pulsed

Operates in “pulsed” mode

Continuous Mode: ultrasound energy remains constant

Pulsed Mode: ultrasound energy is periodically interrupted so no energy is being produced


Duty Cycle

Low: 5%

Medium: 50%

High: 100%

Low: 8%

Medium: 14%

High: 29%

Duty Cycle: the percentage of time that ultrasound is generated over one pulse period



Program: Three selectable output power intensities


  1. Output Power (OP)
  2. Modulation Duty Factor (MDF)
  3. Wave Character
  4. Effective Intensity (W/cm2)



Program: Low

-OP: 0.32W+20%

-MDF: 5%

-Wave: Low

-Eff Int: 0.08W/cm2+20%


Program: Med

-OP: 3.20W+20%

-MDF: 50%

-Wave: Med

-Eff Int: 0.80Wcm2+20%


Program: High

-OP: 6.40W+20%

-MDF: 100%

-Wave: High

-Eff Int: 1.60Wcm2+ 20%

Program: -Low

-MDF: 8%

-Wave: Low

-Eff. Int: 0.052W/cm2+20%


Program: Med

-MDF: 14%

-Wave: Med

-Eff Int: 0.09W/cm2 +20%


Program: High

-MDF: 29%

-Wave: High

-Eff Int: 0.188W/cm2+20%


Intensity is the rate at which energy is being delivered per unit area and is a function of both the pulse width and pulse frequency, measured in watts (W).


What is Included in the Pro 2000 and US 1000 Packages

Pro 2000

US 1000

  • One Pro 2000 Ultrasound Device
  • 2 oz Ultrasound Gel
  • AC/DC adapter
  • Hard Plastic Carrying Case
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Instruction Manual
  • One US 1000 Ultrasound Device
  • 2 oz Ultrasound Gel
  • AC adapter
  • Hard Plastic Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual


Both the Pro 2000 and US 1000 units deliver clinical grade ultrasound therapy for deep tissue heating through ultrasound energy. This therapeutic ultrasound energy produces thermal and/or nonthermal (mechanical) effects that selectively heats tissues high in collagen (muscle, tendon, ligament, joint capsule, nerve roots, periosteum and cortical bone) without causing a significant tissue temperature increase in skin or fat. This is one of the reasons that these portable home units are safer to use. This stimulates the body’s normal physiological functions and produces vasodilation, directed toward enhanced soft tissue injury repair, pain relief, reduced muscle spasm, and does so at a greater penetration depth. These unique properties offer distinct advantages over non-acoustic heating modalities. For example: a 4-minute whirlpool @ 105ºF (40.6°C) produces a temperature increase at 1 cm below the fat tissue of about 2.0°F (1.1ºC). At the same 1 cm depth, 3 MHz ultrasound treatment increases temperature over 10.8°F (6°C).

US PRO 2000 Ultrasound
US 1000 Ultrasound




Are the Pro 2000 and US 1000 Ultrasound Units Class II Medical Devices

Both these units are considered Class II Medical Devices requiring physician or therapist prescription or recommendation. As portable units often used in the home for self-treatment, when an individual purchases a unit for this purpose, they must agree to read the “Therapeutic Ultrasound: A Compliment to Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation” which describes the therapeutic effects and benefits of ultrasound, the parameters for treatment, indications for use, contraindications for use, precautions for use, and the instructions for safe and effective administration of therapeutic ultrasound. In addition, the individual must read and agree to the Consent Waiver Form.