Fabrication Enterprises Inc

Fabrication Enterprises, Inc (FEI)

ProHealthcareProducts.com has been carrying products from Fabrication Enterprises, Inc (also known as FEI) since 2009. Fabrication Enterprises is a family-owned and operated business based in White Plains, New York, just north of New York City. We created this page to help our customer base become more familiar with the Fabrication Enterprises business and product line. We value our long-standing relationship with Fabrication Enterprises as a supplier of high quality, highly available healthcare products.

Fabrication Enterprises is a manufacturer and importer of thousands of fitness and healthcare related products. The company was founded in 1974 by Elliott and Linda Goldberg. Since its founding nearly fifty years ago, Fabrication Enterprises has grown to have several of its own brands focused on physical therapy, rehabilitation, exercise, and other health and medical care needs.

In addition to creating innovative healthcare products among its own brands, Fabrication Enterprises is a master distributor of thousands of industry leading healthcare products from other manufacturers, including DJO (Chattanooga), Mettler Electronics, Lafayette Instrument, 3B Scientific, KT Tape, and several others that are prominent in the healthcare, rehabilitation, and medical research industries.

The following brands, all of which are carried here on ProHealthcareProducts.com, have been created by or are owned by Fabrication Enterprises. Tens of thousands of professionals working in jobs that range from physical and occupational therapy to human resources to primary medical provider clinics.

Fabrication Enterprises, Inc Brands

Fabrication Enterprises group of product brands includes Baseline, CanDo, Cuff, Dipsters, Dycem, FabLife, Point Relief, Relief Pak, Skillbuilders, TheraPutty, WaxWel,, and Val-u-Band

Baseline Measurement

The Baseline brand is one of the oldest and most widely used and trusted of the Fabrication Enterprises brands. FEI created its Baseline brand in the 1980s to include products that physical therapists, orthopedists, educators, and others could use to measure range of motion, strength, sensory acuity, and other human function for doing functional capacity evaluations, testing for damage from accidents or debilitating conditions, and for generally assessing progress with rehabilitation or functional capacity building activities.

The Baseline measurement family of products includes:

  • dynamometers

  • goniometers

  • inclinometers

  • alignment measurement

  • sensory measurement

  • pulse oximeters

  • skinfold calipers

  • body flexibility testers

  • spirometers

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CanDo Exercise

Fabrication Enterprises’ CanDo product line is similar to TheraBand. CanDo products are essentially the same as TheraBand, but usually priced more economically. CanDo’s product line consists of exercise bands, tubing, putty, hand exercise tools, foam rollers, pedal exercisers, balance development devices, and other products that help with rehabilitating and building muscle tissue along with improving balance and coordination.

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Dipsters Patientwear and Swimwear

Fabrication Enterprises’ Dipsters brand is focused on mostly disposable garments that are commonly used in hospitals, clinics and in hotels for doing hydrotherapy and in other situations where it’s appropriate to use limited coverage for privacy while rehabilitating.

The Dipsters product line includes boxer briefs, bikini tops and bottoms, and other styles for both men and women users.


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Dycem Non-Slip Products

The Dycem product line from Fabrication Enterprises is a collection of products made of non-slip material that is convenient for many different purposes, including for use as floor mats, coasters, seating (such as in wheelchairs), and in other applications where slippage tends to create issues.

Dycem brand non-slip products are often used in adaptive circumstances, such as when a person has limited dexterity and may need assistance.

Point Relief Pain Relief

Fabrication Enterprises’ Point Relief brand includes over the counter topical analgesics that are used for sports medicine for athletic teams, in physical therapy clinics, and in other medical applications where muscle soreness is common.

The Point Relief brand includes both cooling and warming products that are designed to relieve pain and induce healing. 

The Point Relief product line is comprised of three trademarked formulations, including:

  • ColdSpot

  • HotSpot

  • LidoSpot


Relief Pak Hot and Cold Compresses

Fabrication Enterprises Relief Pak brand consists of hot and cold compresses as well as heating units for warming up compresses. Relief Pak compress products come in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate different parts of the body. Relief Pak heating units come in many different sizes to accommodate both small (personal or small clinic) and large (large clinics) applications.

In addition to their reusable compresses that can be used for heat or cold therapy, the Relief Pak product line also has instant cold packs that activate through a chemical reaction when they are squeezed.

Skillbuilders Adaptive Positioning

The Skillbuilders brand from Fabrication Enterprises includes a large collection of positioning products that include everything from rolls or wedges used to position patients during rehabilitation sessions to adaptive positioning products used extensively by children and adults who have special needs.

The Skillbuilders product line includes:

  • positioning rolls

  • positioning wedges

  • stationary and mobile modular seating

  • swing seats


TheraPutty Exercise Materials

TheraPutty products from Fabrication Enterprises are used to develop grip strength. TheraPutty material is comprised of a silicon polymer that can be used by people who have sensitivities to gluten, latex, eggs, or soy.

Besides their patented TheraPutty material, this product line also includes gripping tools that are designed to be used with the silicone putty material to develop muscle groups associated with the hand and upper arm.

WaxWel Heat Therapy

WaxWel is a Fabrication Enterprises product line dedicated to paraffin therapy, wherein a wax material is heated and applied to hands and feet to produce healing through heat therapy.

WaxWel products include the paraffin baths as well as the wax material that is used in the paraffin bath. Fabrication Enterprises makes WaxWel products that are intended for commercial use as well as for individuals.

FabLife Aids for Daily Living

FabLife is a smaller brand of Fabrication Enterprises focused on a few niche ADL (aids to daily living) products, including “hip kits”, which are ADL items normally used when someone has had a hip replacement.

The FabLife product line also includes various reachers and dressing aids for people who need daily assistance performing routine activities. 


Val-u-Band Exercise Bands

Val-u-Band, as its name implies, is a brand of exercise bands that are more economically priced than the CanDo and TheraBand brands. The Val-u-Band version of exercise bands from Fabrication Enterprises is limited to bands and tubing rolls. 

Val-u-Band products use a different color coding system from the standard Preferred Colors color system. Val-u-Band uses a color system that is called “Berry Colors”.

Cuff Variable Exercise Weights

Fabrication Enterprises Cuff brand includes small, variable weights used for rehabilitation and strength building by physical therapists and other medical professionals.

Cuff weight systems allow users to vary the amount of weight they are lifting by using pockets into which weights can be inserted that weigh as little a fraction of a pound.