Modular design of Chattanooga's Intelect Legend XT Therapy System provides e-stim and optional therapeutic ultrasound module.

Chattanooga Intelect Legend XT Therapy System

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Chattanooga Intelect Legend XT Systems for Sale

The modular design of the Chattanooga Intelect XT Therapy system solves some key issues facing rehabilitation professionals today. Clinical e-stim devices and therapeutic ultrasounds are not small investments. With so many options out there, it’s overwhelming to buy e-stim and ultrasound products.

This is where the Intelect Legend XT Therapy System from Chattanooga / DJO comes in. 

The Legend XT Therapy System is one of the most popular e-stim and combo therapy systems on the market. 

It’s simple to use interface combined with modular design makes it easy to fit the needs of any clinic or physical therapy practice. Anyone looking for a new Electrotherapy or Combo Therapy system should consider the Intelect XT Therapy System from Chattanooga

What’s special about the Intelect XT System is its unique modular design. It was designed to provide multiple therapeutic modalities in one therapy system. Meaning, you can purchase the device that suits your needs today while keeping the option to upgrade as your business expands. 

Top Reasons Buy the Intelect XT System

  • 8 variations of the device so you only pay for the capabilities you need

  • Mobile storage cart enables portable e-stim and ultrasound for your entire clinic. Storage drawers keep soundheads, leadwires, and electrodes organized and accessible. 

  • Ultrasound and E-stim capabilities allow you to treat multiple patients or one patient with multiple modalities from the same unit.

  • Multiple Compatible Ultrasound Applicator Sizes: The unit will come with 1 soundhead applicator of your choice. There are 2cm, 5cm, and 10cm applicators available and you can add additional ones based on needs.

    : The 4-Channel Combo Units come standard as;
              CT-2788 LEGEND XT 4CH COMBO Package Standard = 5CM Applicator
              CT-2788-2-LEGEND XT 4CH COMBO Package = 2CM Applicator,
              CT-2788-10-LEGEND XT 4CH COMBO Package = 10CM Applicator

  • Documentation of treatment data with Patient Data Cards

  • User defined protocols for your specific needs

  • Optional Operator Remotes allow treatment stop, start and pause, as well as change in amplitude at any time during a treatment session. Each remote is color-coded for designation between channels

Intelect Legend XT E-stim Platform

The 2 Channel Intelect Legend XT Electrotherapy platform is the basis of the whole Legend XT series. This clinical grad e-stim unit features an intuitive touch screen user interface, ergonomically focused hardware, and powerful e-stim capabilities. 

The Legend XT E-stim models feature 6 clinical waveforms, preset protocols for each, and the ability to customize them based on individual patient needs. 

Preset E-stim Waveform Protocols Include:

  •  Interferential, 

  • Russian, 

  • Bi-phasic, 

  • High Volt, 

  • Microcurrent, 

  • and Premodulated. 

*see below for more about the Intelect XT Operating System and Protocol Specifics

Each waveform protocol can be quickly and accurately tailored to individual patient tolerance and treatment requirements.

See “Operating the Intelect Legend XT” below for more on customization and the Intelect Legend XT user interface. 

This entry level 2 Channel E-stim can subsequently be upgraded into a 4 channel or even ultrasound combo therapy device with the addition of optional modules. The 3rd and 4th channel module instantly doubles your e-stim output. Adding the Intelect XT Ultrasound Module to complete one of the highest quality combination therapy systems on the market. . 

**Suggested Replacement Electrodes (Dura-Stick Standard 2-Inch Square Electrode) Click HERE.

Dual Frequency Ultrasound Module for Combination Therapy

The benefits of using ultrasound therapy in conjunction with electrotherapy have been well documented. Both modalities are non invasive  and effective ways to rehabilitate and relieve a large number of medical issues

The ultrasound function will administer ultrasound at either 1 or 3.3 Mhz through a 5cm soundhead applicator at 10%, 20%, 50% and continuous duty cycles. A number of the available waveforms can be used in combination with ultrasound in the combination mode.annel Combo

Note: The 4-Channel Combo Units come standard as;
          CT-2788 LEGEND XT 4CH COMBO Package Standard = 5CM Applicator
          CT-2788-2-LEGEND XT 4CH COMBO Package = 2CM Applicator,
          CT-2788-10-LEGEND XT 4CH COMBO Package = 10CM Applicator

In addition, as the needs of the clinic change over time the capabilities of the Intelect XT can be added to or expanded using modules that can be purchased separately. For example, light or laser therapy could be added for additional modalities or a rechargeable battery pack could be added to increase portability. [link to full option list]

E-stim and Ultrasound Devices from Chattanooga (DJO)

Chattanooga and DJO are well known for creating innovative products for rehabilitation. This includes a number of therapeutic ultrasound, e-stim and laser therapy devices. On their own, each one of these has specific benefits within physical therapy and rehabilitative work. Combined, they can provide a level of support greater than the individual modalities

With this in mind, Chattanooga created the industry leading Intelect XT System. Users can customize their Intelect XT System for their specific needs. The base model is a simple 2 channel e-stim device suitable as an entry level professional e;electrotherapy unit. 

This therapy system has become popular over the years due to its “modular design”. With up to 8 different configurations and a number of optional accessories, the Intelect XT System has a variation for any professional setting. 

The Intelect Legend XT Therapy System Advantage

When buying a modular therapy system, users don’t have to buy everything at once. You can decide on the configuration that best fits your budget while holding the ability to upgrade later on. The Intelect XT Therapy System comes in several options, including: 2 or 4 channel e-stim units or upgrade to full combo therapy device (e-stim and ultrasound).

Every feature and benefit of the top of the line Intelect Legend XT 4 Channel Mobile Combo Therapy System (right) can be added to the basic 2 Channel e-stim.

Modular E-stim and Ultrasound Capabilities: 

Understanding each clinic’s needs are different depending on their patient population, Chattanooga designed the Intelect Legend XT System as a modular therapy system. Users can add features they need now and upgrade later. 

For example, the 3rd and 4th Channel E-stim module can be added to double your e-stim treatment capacity when needed. 

With this option, clinics that decide they would like to switch to a four-channel system can easily upgrade from the base model at any time.  Growing physical therapy practices and busy athletic trainers can use extra e-stim channels to treat multiple patients or body parts at the same time. 

The Intelect Legend XT System has a number of other modules and accessories to increase its versatility as a therapy system.  We’ll cover the top configurations and best selling accessoires below. For a more, checkout our Complete Guide to the Intelect Legend XT Therapy System and Accessories 

Electrotherapy Systems | 2 or 4 Channels Available

 2 Channel E-stim Base Model

The Intelect Legend XT 2-Channel Electrotherapy System is designed to be capable of growing as the needs of a rehabilitation practice change over time. The base model includes 2-channels for electrical stimulation, which means as many as 4 electrodes could be used.

Upgrade to 4 Channel e-stim with 3rd and 4th Channel Module 

If additional channels of electrical stimulation are ever needed, a module, item number CT-2781, could be purchased. This module plugs into the bottom of the existing unit and adds 2 additional channels for electrotherapy treatments so that as many as 8 electrodes could be used at one time.

Optional Battery Module for Portable E-stim (2 channel only)

A battery module*, item number CT-2767, is also available for separate purchase that would allow a clinician to deliver treatment without having to plug the unit into a wall outlet.

*Battery Module only compatible with 2 channel e-stim configuration. Ultrasound Unit and 3rd - 4th channel e-stim not compatible.

Multiple Electrical Stimulation Waveform Options:

 The Intelect Legend XT system was designed to offer the following e-stim options: 

  • TENS (Symmetrical biphasic) - Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation is used to stimulate nerve fibers within the skin and muscles using short pulses. Higher Intensity...

  • Microcurrent - A low intensity “monophasic waveform” Microcurrent Therapy helps injured tissue heal faster and provides relief from pain caused by injury or chronic conditions. Lower Intensity...

  • IFC or Inferential Current - Used to address chronic, post-surgical and post-trauma acute pain in patients. Commonly used to treat back pain, arthritis, shingles, etc. Higher Frequency

  • High Voltage Pulsed Current (HVPC) - utilizes a very brief pulse duration commonly described as “2 peaks delivered at high voltage”. This monophasic e-stim waveform causes decreased skin resistance and deeper tissue penetration

  • Russian Stim - ...

  • Premodulated - ...

This wide range of e-stim waveform capabilities makes the Intelect legend XT a great choice for any physical therapy practice or sports medicine clinic.

The ability  to customize the Intelect XT Therapy system to treat a variety of patient problems and injuries ensures you get the most out of your investment.

The Intelect Legend XT Electrotherapy System features 6 Clinical Waveforms: Inferential, Premodulated, High Volt, Russian, Microcurrent Polarity Based, and Symmetrical Biphasic

Read More: Waveforms Used In Electrical Stimulation Therapy

Combo Therapy Models | E-stim and Ultrasound Combined

Looking for an advanced therapy system that is capable of offering ultrasound therapy in addition to electrical stimulation? Look no further. 

The Intelect Legend XT also allows users to addon a therapeutic ultrasound module for further versatility. By adding ultrasound therapy capabilities, you can double the uses for the system...

By adding the Therapeutic Ultrasound Module, you’ll get:

  • Ultrasound Intensity: capable of dual frequency ultrasound at 1 or 3.3 MHz

  • Multiple Duty Cycles: Pulsed or Continuous Duty Cycles (10%, 20%, 50% & 100%

  • Compatible Applicator Sizes (1 included w/ unit): 1 cm², 2 cm², 5 cm² & 10 cm²

  • Waterproof Soundhead Applicator: Each Chattanooga soundhead applicator is Watertight and capable of underwater ultrasound therapy 

Dual Frequency Ultrasound Treatment: The Legend Ultrasound System features both 1 MHz and 3.3 MHz frequencies with either pulsed or continuous therapy operation. And as an added feature, the Intelect device was designed with a soundhead applicator warmer to increase patient comfort.

Top of the Line Soundhead Applicator: The soundhead applicators included with the Intelect systems are ergonomically designed making them easy to use. Additionally, each clinic can choose which size soundhead applicator would be best for their clinic’s needs. Clinics can choose from 1 cm2, 2 cm2, 5 cm2, or 10 cm2 soundhead applicator size.

Innovative Treatment Options: With the advanced Intelect Combination Systems, it’s possible for practitioners to treat patients with either ultrasound therapy and electrical stimulation either alone or simultaneously increasing treatment time efficiency and maximizing therapeutic benefits. 

Why Upgrade to Intelect Legend XT Combo Therapy Models?

Combining the benefits of ultrasound with electrical stimulation adds to the therapeutic value of any device. With the ability to reduce pain, lower inflammation, facilitate the healing of soft tissue and scar tissue repair, combination units offer a non-invasive option for many diverse patient populations including:

  • Sports injuries

  • Arthritis (Osteo & Rheumatoid)

  • Multiple Sclerosis 

  • Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD & TMJ)

The Intelect Legend XT E-stim Ultrasound System is one of the most advanced combination therapy devices on the market today. It’s an excellent choice for clinics looking to offer their patients the most cutting edge ultrasound therapy and electrical stimulation.

Bonus: Each Intelect XT Combination Therapy unit comes standard with a 5cm Ultrasound Applicator and a 9 oz bottle of conductive ultrasound gel. 

Accessories Included With the Intelect XT System 

All Intelect Legend Electrotherapy units include 

  • five patient data cards

  • lead wires

  • electrodes

  • and two Nylatex wraps for easy set-up and use

Combo Therapy Systems Include the above and:

  • 1 ultrasound applicator (standard 5cm)

  • 1 Therapeutic Ultrasound Module

  • Preset Ultrasound Protocols

  • 9 oz bottle of ultrasound gel

Optional Accessories Compatible With Intelect XT System

As the needs of the clinic or patient population change, additional modalities or capabilities can be added by purchasing modules that attach to the underside of the base unit. For example, a light or laser module could be added if that becomes necessary or a rechargeable battery pack module could be added to make the unit more portable.

[link to Chattanooga Intelect Legend XT Variations and Accessories]

Mobile Storage Cart

The mobile cart which is included with this system provides 6 storage bins which are designed to minimize cord and cable tangles.

For increased mobility and storage there's a mobile cart available …. the optional mobile cart has 6 storage bins, 3 per side, that provide storage for cords, cables, ultrasound gel or lotion, electrodes, additional sizes of soundhead applicators, etc.

Intelect XT Sound Head Applicators

The Intelect Legend XT Soundhead Applicators themselves are another example of the experience and know how integrated into Chattanooga’s products. Top features include:

  • Automatic warming of sound head for patient comfort

  • 100% Waterproof for underwater ultrasound therapy

  • Sound head applicators for “full body” ultrasound capabilities

Multiple Sizes Available

The variety of ultrasound applicators allows users to offer the full spectrum of ultrasound therapy treatments.  There are 4 different sizes of soundheads for the Intelect XT Ultrasound Module:

  • 1 Cm Soundhead Applicator [link to soundheads]

  • 2 Cm Soundhead Applicator

  • 5 Cm Soundhead Applicator*

  • 10 Cm Soundhead Applicator

*The Intelect XT Ultrasound Module comes standard with a 5cm applicator. If you would like a different size included, please notify us before you order.

Automatic Head Warming

Each Soundhead applicator features a “head warming feature” which helps further increase patient comfort. 

Operating the Intelect Legend XT Therapy SystemEasy to use touch screen interface helps users navigate e-stim protocols and create their own user defined protocols

A built-in patient data card device allows you to read and record patient modality and pain profile information. The Intelect XT Therapy System features user-defined protocols which allow a clinician to pre-program and customize any waveform to suit specific needs or protocols

This leading electrotherapy platform features easy to navigate touch screen with menu that allows quick transitions between modalities sub settings.

The Electrotherapy Home Screen makes accessing and modifying parameters of each available e-stim waveform simple. Each waveform option can be selected and edited before or even during treatment.

The easy to use operating system takes minimal effort to select treatment options. You can also customize click the button corresponding to your desired treatment option. Then find the edit button to input custom settings.

While applying e-stim you can use the “Intensity Knob” to adjust intensity based on therapeutic goals and individual patient tolerance. 

Starting, pausing, and stopping treatment is simple with dedicated buttons. After you’re done with treatment you’ll also be able to save data to the “Patient Data Card”.

Patient Data Cards Optimize Record Keeping

Keeping accurate patient records is a must both for insurance purposes and to adequately track patient progress. Record keeping and progress tracking can be extremely time consuming with other therapy systems. 

The Intelect Legend XT System makes record keeping easy with a built-in patient data card documentation system which is able to store patient profile and modality information. Each unit comes with 5 cards and additional can be purchased. 

This patient data card system makes the Intelect XT a strong choice for any large clinics, physiotherapy practices, and sports medicine professionals. 

Save User Defined Protocols

Additionally, practitioners can save user-defined protocols for future use which helps cut down on set up time. Data from every session can be saved and recalled during future therapy treatments. The Patient Data Card system makes the Intelect XT a great option for busy practices. 

More patients and practitioners means more usage for the related medical equipment. Being able to save and load patient data and protocols means less time spent recording data and/or setting up treatment environments. More time and focused effort on the therapy that counts.

Review Data and Add Notes from PC

Chattanooga also offers an optional “Patient Data Management System” which can transfer data from patient data cards straight to your PC. 

If you’d like to print reports, add session notes, or review data from a computer you’ll need the optional Reading and Recording addon for PC.

Two (2) Year Warranty