This Chattanooga TranSport Ultrasound Machine includes a 5cm soundhead applicator and can function at both 1 and 3.3Mhz.

Chattanooga Transport Ultrasound Therapy Machine

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Chattanooga TranSport Units

World-renowned medical device company, Intelect brings cutting-edge innovation to the rehabilitation market with their newest, most advanced ultrasound and electrotherapy devices which can be purchased singly or as part of the Intelect TranSport Combination Therapy Unit. 

TranSport Therapy Units At-A Glance

The TranSport devices offer the most comprehensive therapy system available on the market today which includes: 

  • 2 channels of electrotherapy output (both electrotherapy alone and combination unit)
  • Four waveforms (both electrotherapy alone and combination unit)
  • Pulsed and continuous treatment operations (both ultrasound alone and combination unit)
  • Watertight ultrasound applicator heads with integrated warming feature (both ultrasound alone and combination unit)
  • User-specific therapy protocols (all units)

Electrical stimulation (E-Stim) is a widely popular rehabilitation device because it can not only increase muscle function after injury it can help decrease rehabilitation time. 

Ultrasound therapy is similarly popular for its therapeutic benefits because it can provide fast pain relief at the same time as it helps reduce inflammation and facilitates healing. 

NOTE: This Chattanooga Transport Ultrasound Therapy Machine is ONLY the ultrasound unit, not the combination unit, even though both ultrasound and electrotherapy information is presented here to show the specifications of each. 

When combined as part of a therapy system, E-Stim/Ultrasound therapy offers the following therapeutic benefits including:

  • Decreased muscle spasms
  • Reduced muscle atrophy
  • Improved local blood circulation
  • Prevention of deep vein thrombosis
  • Increased range of motion

Reduce Pain & Facilitate Healing with the Chattanooga Transport

Product Description: Chattanooga's Intelect TranSport line gives practitioners the ability to treat patients with either ultrasound and 2-channel electrotherapy units alone or the option to purchase and use both modalities as part of one convenient machine. The Chattanooga TranSport line was designed for easy portability as well as for use in the clinic. Carefully designed to be used either on a tabletop, mounted on a wall, stored on a therapy cart or on-the-go, the TranSport line features a lightweight design with a convenient battery-powered option. With a custom carrying case, all of the TranSport Units can be easily used outside the office. 

Ultrasound Therapy: With its watertight ultrasound soundhead applicators, the Chattanooga ultrasound devices can even be used underwater, if the need arises. As part of the therapy set, a 5 cm2 soundhead is included which can be used to target smaller areas, such as knees and elbows as well as larger surface areas of the body, like the low back and shoulder. With 10 memory positions, both the ultrasound device and the TranSport Combo gives practitioners the ability to save specific treatment parameters for future use.The Chattanooga TranSport comes with fully functional 1 and 3.3 MHz frequencies so practitioners can treat both shallow and deep-tissue injuries. in addition to pulse and continuous therapy operation at 10%, 20%, 50% and 100%, to increase the unit’s clinical applications.

Electrotherapy: In addition, both the electrotherapy device and the TranSport Combination device features two channels of electrical stimulation output to give practitioners the most versatility. Both devices also features Intelect’s standard array of available waveforms (interferential, premodulated, high volt and Russian). Each channel has the capability to be operated independently with individual controls for intensity and parameter adjustment. With the optional cart accessory that can be used with any of the three units, space-conscious clinics can maximize storage with the ability to store necessary supplies or materials.

Each device in the Chattanooga TranSport Line feature many benefits that set it apart from other devices on the market today. Each device was designed with the latest innovation available for the modality along with a commitment to maximizing treatment outcomes.

The Ultrasound Device includes:

  • Fully functional 1 and 3.3 MHz ultrasound frequencies
  • Pulsed and continuous ultrasound therapy operation (10%, 20%, 50% and continuous 100%)
  • An ergonomically designed 5cm sound head applicator. Sound head applicators are also available in the following sizes: 1cm, 2cm, and 10cm. (Sold separately.)
  • Watertight, water proof soundhead applicators 
  • Soundhead applicators have warming feature for increased comfort

The Electrotherapy Unit includes:

  • Two channels of electrical stimulation output
  • Four standard waveforms including: Interferential, Premodulated, Russian and High Volt
  • Ten user-defined memory positions for User Protocols
  • Independent intensity and other treatment parameter controls for each channel

All units feature:

  • Designed for tabletop, wall mount, therapy cart or mobile use
  • 110V or battery powered option

For practices who are interested in having Electrical Stimulation and Ultrasound therapy in one convenient unit, the Chattanooga TranSport Combination Therapy Unit features all of the above in one convenient unit.