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1-Tier Rack for Cando Weight Balls (6-Ball Capacity)

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1-Tier Rack for Cando Weight Balls (6-Ball Capacity)

This sturdy PVC rack is used to store Cando weight balls. Consisting of one tier, it measures 31 by 6 inches, with a height of 5.25 inches. Each rack is capable of holding six 5-inch weight balls. This item is for the rack only as balls are sold separately.

Every home gym or weight room needs storage for weights and other equipment. This unobtrusive, handy little ball rack will keep your weight balls off the ground and cleaner for regular use. With its simple white color and sturdy construction, it will fit in perfectly in a quiet Pilates room where weight balls are often used and would be just as great in a home or physical rehabilitation facility. 

The 1-Tier Rack from Cando is made to hold the complete 6 color set of CanDo WaTE Hand-held Weighted Balls, though it will easily hold any brand of 5 inch weight balls. The balls that fit here are soft and comfortable to hold in a single hand of the average adult. These weight balls are small but mighty. Pilates instructors love them for the effectiveness in sculpting and toning muscles through gentle, repetitive movements. They are small enough to be tucked behind a knee for leg lifts and comfortable enough to be held in the hands for long sets of various types of arm raises. The type of weight-lifting that can be done with these weight balls allows for powerful, but moderate stretching exercises that are great for building stamina without overtaxing large muscle groups. They are ideal for improving balance, core strength, and coordination.

For such an important component of your wellness and weight training, these weight balls deserve to be stored in the 1-Tier Rack for Cando Weight Balls to preserve their functionality and cleanliness and to protect them from wear and tear for years to come.


Product Details:

Dimensions: 36" x 8" x 8"

Weight: 5.0 lbs

UPC: 714905057709