TOGU Offers 4 Different Sizes of ABS PowerBall: 18, 22, 26 and 30 Inch

ABS PowerBall Exercise Ball for Balance | Anti Burst Technology

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TOGU Exercise Balls with Anti Burst Technology - ABS PowerBall

ABS PowerBall from TOGU is a great for all kinds of balance and core exercises.

Exercise balls, also known as stability balls are a great piece of balance equipment found in fitness and rehabilitation. When used as a part of fitness training, exercise balls can help increase strength, improve cardiovascular endurance and expand balance skills. When used in rehabilitation, exercise balls provide an innovative, low-impact piece of equipment that helps rebuild strength without unnecessary strain on the spine, tendons or joints.

Togu has created the ABS Powerball which is a superior exercise stability ball perfect for sports, fitness or rehabilitation needs.  ABS refers to Togu’s patented Anti-Burst System which provides this exercise ball with an extra-level of safety with puncture-resistant material. When working with balance equipment, it’s important to have equipment that is appropriate for the various body sizes. The ABS Powerball offers 4 different sizes making it easy to find an exercise ball that is suitable for all body types. The Togu Powerball features an innovative “double groove” design providing necessary traction to prevent any slippages or rolling away.

Top 10 Facts about the Togu ABS Powerball

  • Meets the highest safety and durability demands for sports, fitness and rehabilitation training

  • Latex free and made from patented environmentally friendly materials

  • Maximum load 500 kg accommodating most body types

  • More durable and less pliable than conventional exercise balls

  • With "Anti-Burst System" – will not burst even when damaged

  • Perfect for low-impact strength training

  • Offers a variety of dynamic stability exercises with or without weights

  • Doesn't roll away when getting off the ball

  • Patented and guaranteed safety limits

  • Features the standard TOGU double groove surface

What is ABS Technology?

When performing balance training, safety is essential. Understanding this, Togu created the ABS (Anti-Burst System) patented technology that is a recyclable material that is also burst-proof. This means that if the Powerball gets damaged, it will not burst. The air will just slowly leak out of the damaged area, making it easy for the user to get off the ball safely.

How Does ABS Technology Work?

The ABS Powerball is made of Crylon, a recyclable material, that is a special molecular composition. It is this special composition that prevents it from bursting even if it’s damaged. The Togu Powerball can withstand a weight of 200 lbs if undamaged and is guaranteed burst proof up to 1100 lbs of weight, if damaged. This weight is considered to be dynamic, accounting for movement during exercise.

Benefits of the TOGU ABS PowerBall

The Togu ABS Powerball is very flexible but extremely durable.  Designed with a special “bouncing effect”, the Togu Powerball is less pliable than other exercise balls on the market and is perfect for balance, coordination, strengthening, pre-natal, and pelvic floor training and exercises. The ABS Powerball was designed for heavy duty use offering both safety and The right ball for heavy duty use. It offers safety and stability in both functional training exercises and working with weights. In addition, by sitting on the ABS Powerball during exercise, it’s possible to avoid unnecessary back pain. In addition, the core and back muscles are strengthened through safe, efficient, and dynamic back and stability exercises using the Togu ABS Powerball.

Features of the TOGU ABS PowerBall:

  • Anti-burst system

  • Material: CRYLON®

  • Maximum load: 200

  • 5-year warranty

5 year warranty