Acumar dual inclinometer Package contains Digital Inclinometer and Companion Unit with case and connecting cable

Acumar Dual Inclinometer for Joint Range of Motion Measurement

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Acumar Dual Digital Inclinometer for Sale

In medical diagnostic settings, inclinometers are used primarily to measure range of motion in joints. The Acumar Dual Inclinometer makes range of motion measurement easy.

The Acumar Dual Digital Inclinometer was designed to save physical therapists time and money. Using this compact handheld inclinometer clinicians can minimize the amount of time spent performing range of motion measurements and more time providing the therapy their patients require. Storing measurements could not be more simple: with the push of a button review maximum, minimum and average values, then move on too the next measurement.

Digital Inclinometers reduce examination time and enhance objectivity of measurement and documentation. Inclinometer comes with built-in wireless transmitter to optional computer interface, hard case and connecting cable.

Digital Dual Inclinometer for Range of Motion Evaluation

The Acumar Digital Dual Inclinometer is used to for performing joint ROM measurement. Simultaneously capture each angle by pressing just one button. Capture up to 6 pairs of data and drastically reduce the amount of time taken between measurements.

Package contains Digital Inclinometer and Companion Unit. Also comes with case and connecting cable. Two-inclinometer technique and procedure is well defined in the 5th Edition of AMA Guides. Acumar Dual Inclinometer contains modern features that simplify measurements and increase objectivity. The Acumar Dual Inclinometer can simultaneously capture both angles by the press of a single button. It allows up to six pairs of data for viewing and recording to greatly speed up data capture and analysis.

Acumar Dual Digital Inclinometer for Joint ROM Features:

  • Easy to Read Digital LCD with HOLD
  • Large liquid crystal display readout.
  • Covers 360° (Displays +180 degrees to -180 degrees).
  • Measurements can be gravity or reference based.
  • Stores an entire series of measurements.
  • Stored data can be retrieved manually or sent wirelessly to a computer.
  • Supports the AMA Guides
  • Measures Joint Range of Motion, Spinal subluxation, and Cervical Flexion and Extension
  • Multiple Data Storage and Viewing
  • 1 year warranty