Whitehall Adjustable Suspension Seat for 24” Wide Whirlpool

Adjustable 24-inch Whirlpool Suspension Seat

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 Adjustable 24-inch Whirlpool Suspension Seat

The Whitehall Adjustable Suspension Seat for 24” wide Whirlpools is of durable design fabricated entirely from Type 304 stainless steel. This suspension seat fits inside the tank to allow the patient or athlete to receive hydrotherapy treatment for the low back, hip, and leg areas.

  • Designed specifically for 24” wide whirlpools
  • Two side brackets provide three levels of height adjustment, along with an adjustable removeable/adjustable seat

Suspension seats make great additions to whirlpools, allowing the user to sit suspended off the bottom of the whirlpool. Suspension seats allow athletic trainers, physical therapists, and others who use whirlpool therapy to conveniently change the position of users, elevating them to different levels, depending upon the specific needs of the patient.

This whirlpool suspension seat is designed for use inside the tank for low back, hip and leg treatment. In addition to the removable seat, this product includes two side brackets that accommodate four different height adjustment levels.

Whitehall's AS2 model suspension seat is fabricated entirely from Type 304 stainless steel. This seat is designed to be used with all 24" wide whirlpools except Lo-Boys.



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