Adult Plus Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, Navy

Adult Plus Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, Navy

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The Advantage Plus Automatic Digital BP Monitor is an upper arm digital blood pressure monitor, ideal to use at home. Compact for easy use and storage. 




1. Systolic

2. Diastolic pressure

3. Pulse



1. Smart Logic Technology makes setup easy by determining the ideal inflation level.

2. MAM Advantage Average mode automatically averages 3 readings for superior reporting accuracy.

3. AM and PM readings are displayed separately to help detect morning hypertension.

4. Irregular heartbeat indicator

5. Automatic inflation and deflation control

6. 99-reading memory with date and time stamp indicators

7. A wide range cuff fits arms 8.7" to 16.5" in size


This affordable device gives every user the knowledge that they need to keep them healthy. 

Use this device with the optional PC Link Analyzer Software (sold separately) to download and analyze blood pressure readings.

This blood pressure monitor works using 4 "AA" batteries and has an auto-off setting to conserve battery life




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