Smedley Spring Hand Dynamometer by Baseline

Adult Smedley Spring Hand Dynamometer - 220 Pound

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Baseline Adult Smedley Spring Hand Dynamometer - 220 Pound

Smedley style grip dynamometers allow physical therapists and other healthcare professionals to easily measure grip strength to evaluate injuries or debilitation from injuries. They are also used to measure progress in rehabilitation and strength training programs.

The Smedley spring-type dynamometer has been used successfully for many years to measure grip strength. This Smedley dynamometer, with a 220-pound capacity, is used for adult subjects. A 110 pound version of this dynamometer is also available for measuring grip strength in children.

The Adult Smedley Spring Hand Dynamometer features:

  • an adjustable handle that comfortably accommodates any hand size.
  • Take grip strength measurements easily and efficiently with this item.
  • This dynamometer is calibrated in both pounds and kilograms.

Dimensions: 9" x 2" x 6"

Weight: 3 lbs

UPC: 714905013330