Adustable Cando Exercise Bands - Set of 10 Bands

Adustable Cando Exercise Bands - Set of 10 Bands

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 Adustable Cando Exercise Bands - Set of 10 Bands with Adjustment Clips and Hooks

About the Adjustable Cando System:
The adjustable Cando system is an easy-to-use, portable, light-weight, modular exercise system. The resistance of each band can be increased or decreased by adjusting length of band used. In addition to the two band length adjustment clips, each band has two "quick-attachment" hooks. These "quick-attachment" hooks attach to the "D-ring" on the handle and strap accessories. This unique arrangement even allows two or more bands to be used together. The adjustable Cando exercise system is available in a kit containing bands, 2 handles, a 25 inch leg attachment strap (can also be used as an anchor) and an illustrated exercise card. The kit comes in a convenient carrying case. Individual components can also be purchased separately.

Please choose from the following resistance levels:

  • Yellow - X-light
  • Red - Light
  • Green - Medium
  • Blue - Heavy
  • Black - X-Heavy