Athletic Taping Kit

Athletic Taping Kit

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Athletic Taping Kit

The Athletic Taping Lit contains all of the basic materials an individual would need for most basic athletic or first aid type taping applications.

The Athletic Taping Kit includes three rolls of M Tape Athletic Tape, 1 roll of foam Underwrap Pre Wrap mateial, 1 roll of Tear-Light Tape, and 1 tape cutter.

M Tape is cotton backed athletic tape that is designed to conform and provides support to wrists and ankles, etc.

Underwrap foam Pre Wrap is intended to protect the skin when used under an athletic tape taping application.

Tear-Light Tape is a lightweight elastic adhesive tape that can be used either as an athletic tape or as an elastic or ace bandage.

The Tape Cutter is included for easy removal of the tape after it is no longer needed.