Mettler Auto Therm 390 Shortwave Diathermy Machine.

Auto-Therm 390 Shortwave Diathermy Machine - Mettler

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Mettler Auto-Therm 390 Shortwave Diathermy Machine

Shortwave diathermy involves the use of electrically induced heat to treat injured body tissue. It is used in clinical applications as an alternative to ultrasound therapy when it's necessary to provide heat to a wider area of deep tissue than can be delivered by ultrasound. THe Mettler Electronics 390 shortwave diathermy machine produces comforting deep heat in muscle tissues. The illustration below shows the relative penetration of various heating modalities.

Auto*Therm 390 is a pulsed and continuous shortwave diathermy. Weighing only fifteen pounds, this unit can be easily carried between treatment rooms or to the patient. The basic unit comes with 2 (12 x 18 cm) soft-rubber plate capacitive applicators with flexible cables, 6 felt spacers, 2 cloth covers, 2 elastic straps, power cord and instructions.

Specifications of the Auto-Therm 390 Shortwave Diathermy Machine

Weight: 15 lbs., (6.8 kg)
Dimensions: 7 in (H) x 14 in (W) x 16.5 in (D), 18 cm (H) x 36 cm (W) x 42 cm (D)
Warranty: 2 years, one year on applicators and accessories