The 3 Piece Hand Evaluation set from Baseline features: 1 Digital 300LB Capacity Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer, 1 100 LB Capacity Pinch Gauge, and a 6 inch Steel Goniometer.

Baseline 3-piece Hand Evaluation Set - 300lb Digital LCD Head

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 Baseline Hand Evaluation Kit with Hand Dynamometer, Pinch Gauge, and Goniometer

Features 3 Baseline Evaluation Tools Including a 300 LB Hand Dynamometer With LCD Display, Digital Pinch Gauge, and  Steel Goniometer

The Baseline 3-piece standard hand evaluation set is a complete strength diagnostic set that includes the following instruments: standard 200-pound capacity hydraulic hand dynamometer (blue), standard 50-pound capacity hydraulic pinch gauge (blue), and 6-inch stainless steel finger goniometer. Baseline’s 3-piece Hand Evaluation set comes in a protective carrying case making it portable and easy to store.

Quick Facts about Baseline’s 3-piece Hand Evaluation Set - 300lb Digital LCD Head:

  • Protective Carrying Case

  • CE Certified

  • Latex FREE

  • Made in the USA

  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


The Baseline 3-Piece Hand Evaluation set offers three great evaluation tools that makes it a great tool for hand evaluations necessary as a part of rehabilitation:

  1. 1 - Baseline 300lb Digital LCD Head Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

  2. 1 - Baseline 100lb Digital LCD Head Hydraulic Pinch Gauge

  3. 1 - Baseline Stainless Steel Standard 6-inch Finger Goniometer


In addition, Baseline’s 3-Piece Hand set has three great therapeutic benefits that set it apart from other therapeutic evaluation devices:

  1. Provides ability to measure strength of the hand, grip and fingers

  2. Provides ability to measure range of motion of the hand, grip and fingers

  3. Provides testing for varying degrees of strength up to 300 pounds

Easily evaluate the grip strength of your patient with a hydraulic hand grip dynamometer. By squeezing the hand grip dynamometer from baseline patients display progress after surgery or injury. Therapists use hand dynamometers for evaluating range of motion in the hand.

The Benefits of the Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

Studies have found a correlation between hand grip strength and the strength and overall health of the entire body. Therefore, achieving accurate results is of the utmost importance. With accurate strength testing results, a hand therapist can help:  

  • Treat chronic pain syndromes like carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Diagnose strength deficits

  • Improve hand range of motion and strength

  • Improve function in daily activities like dressing, driving, etc.

  • Reduce the time it takes to return to work or daily tasks

The Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer the part of the 3-Piece Hand Evaluation kit that reliably measures hand grip strength. In addition, it has some benefits that set it apart from other hand grip strength measurement devices.

The Main Benefits of the Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

  1. Digital Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer designed to quickly and accurately measure grip strength with large digital LCD displayMaximum Strength: There will be varying degrees of strength found in patient populations, and the Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer was designed to test strength up to 200 lbs. (90k kg) making it a great choice for testing both our strongest and weakest patients.

  2. Easy to read: With an LCD head, the gauge on the Baseline dynamometer is extremely easy to read, keeping the maximum test score of the last reading until the clinician is ready to reset and reuse.

  3. Adjustable hand grip: Hand sizes can be just as varied as strength scores.  In order to accommodate different hand sizes, the Baseline hydraulic hand dynamometer was designed with adjustable grip spacing up to 5 different spaces (1-3/8” to 3-3/8”, 3.5-8.6 cm).

Treatment tip: With the handle set to the desired position, it’s important to have the testing subject hold the dynamometer comfortably without any visible tensing of muscles. For example, the shoulder should be adducted and neutrally rotated, keeping the elbow flexed to 90 degrees, while the forearm and wrist should be in a neutral, easy position. When ready, instruct the subject to squeeze the handle using his/her maximum effort. Once finished, repeat each side of the grip test three times and use the average of those test scores.

The hydraulic hand dynamometer included in Baseline’s 3-Piece evaluation set is not only easy to use, but incredibly accurate. The Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer was designed to provide top-quality results for patients of varying degree of strength and clinics with diverse patient needs.

The Benefits of the Hydraulic Pinch Gauge

Pinch strength is an important part of daily activities from the ability to pick up a single item off the floor to the ability to write using a pen. Evaluating pinch strength is important not only in rehabilitation but can be a part of assessing potential job applicants. Pinch strength is such an important part of daily activities for all people and research has found that pinch strength is correlated to the ability for patients who have suffered a stroke to be able to perform daily activities independently and is a good indicator of successful rehabilitation. (Read More Here)

The Baseline Digital Pinch Gauge makes reading pinch strength easy with its large LCD display.

The Main Benefits of the Baseline Hydraulic Pinch Gauge

  1. Reliable Results: One of the most important factors in choosing a pinch gauge is the ability to repeat results accuracy and replicate results as necessary. Baseline’s hydraulic pinch gauge is an industry leader in providing accurate pinch gauge strength results.

  2. Complete Pinch Strength Measurement: The Baseline pinch gauge was created to provide complete strength measurements giving practitioners the ability to measure the strength of the tip, key and palmer pinch.

Treatment Tip: In order to make sure patient is exerting maximum effort while testing, make sure to test the normal hand and then the injured hand. Repeat the test after 5 minutes. If maximum effort has been exerted there should be less than 10% variation in the two sets of strength test results.

The Benefits of the Finger Goniometer

A finger goniometer can be used to measure active or passive joint range of motion (ROM) of each of the fingers. A finger goniometer can measure both joint flexion and hyperextension. It is calibrated in 5-degree increments for greater accuracy.

The Main Benefits of the Baseline 6-inch Steel Finger Goniometer

  1. Durable: The Baseline goniometer included in the 3-piece Hand evaluation set is made of durable steel.

  2. Complete ROM testing: The 6-inch goniometer can take each finger through their entire range of motion making for the most complete and accurate test results.


Treatment Tip: Before you begin testing, align the fulcrum of the goniometer with the anatomical fulcrum of the joint being measured. Then, the flat arm of goniometer that is attached to the dial indicator should be placed on the center of the finger to be measured. Maintain a hold on both arms of the goniometer as the patient moves the joint through its entire range-of-motion (either actively by the subject or passively by the examiner.) The range of motion results can be read directly from the dial indicator on the goniometer.

Additional Resources: User Manual for the Baseline 3 Piece Hand Evaluation Set

Dimensions: 13.5" x 3.25" x 10"

Weight: 5 lbs

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