660 LB Back Leg and Chest Dynamometer from Baseline Evaluation

Baseline 660lb Back Legs Chest Dynamometer - Standard Base

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 The Baseline back leg and chest dynamometer is a multi-use measurement device that can be used for:

  • Muscle strength measurement

  • Job task analysis

  • Functional capacity evaluation (FCE)

    Use the Back, Leg, And Chest Dynamometer for measuring strength, job task analysis, and FCE or Functional Capacity Evaluation

The Baseline dynamometer can be used to measure the larger muscle groups of the back, leg and chest and was designed with a secure base to provide adequate footing for people of all sizes. In addition, the chain length is adjustable to accommodate for height differences or to vary the point of force application, making it the perfect tool for testing diverse body types and strength variances. The device maintains the maximum test results, until it’s reset, making it easy to keep track of strength testing results. Baseline’s back leg chest dynamometer gauge can be set to be viewed as either pounds or kilograms. The Baseline back leg chest dynamometer is also CE Certified giving buyers’ extra quality assurance. With a protective carrying case, it’s easy to store the dynamometer or use for off-site strength testing.

Quick Facts about Baseline’s Back Leg and Chest Dynamometer

  • Perfect for muscle strength measurement, job task analysis and functional capacity evaluation (FCE).

  • The unit can be used to measure strength of muscles of the back, leg and chest.

  • Safe and secure strength measurement device for people of all sizes

  • Adjustable strength dynamometer can be adjusted for various strengths and accommodate various heights

  • Maximum reading remains until the unit is reset

  • Strength Gauge can be viewed as pounds or kilograms

  • CE Certified for Quality Assurance


Product Description: The Baseline Back-Leg-Chest Dynamometer offers three great functions:

  1. To be able to perform large muscle strength testing

  2. The ability to perform necessary job tasks

  3. The ability to test for functional ability.

Not only that, but the Baseline Back Leg and Chest Dynamometer offers three great benefits that sets it apart from other muscle testing devices.

The top 3 Benefits of the Baseline Back Leg and Chest Dynamometer are:

  1. Safe and easy to use

  2. Portable

  3. Extremely accurate

Who Uses Back Leg and Chest Dynamometers?

In rehabilitation, physical evaluations give rehab practitioners a snapshot of not only the patient’s history, but through the use of proper testing, the ability to diagnose and identify deficits and functional dysfunction. These necessary tests are used in all aspects of rehabilitation by these specific practitioners:

  • Physical Therapists

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Chiropractors

  • Orthopedists

  • Sports therapists

What Do Back Leg and Chest Dynamometers Do?

Back Leg and Chest dynamometers are a valuable tool for testing the larger muscles of the body. Not only do strength testing tools provide practitioners with necessary baseline strength measurements, they also give a valuable and easy way to track progress throughout treatment. Under the umbrella of strength testing, the following measurements are being evaluated and tracked:

  • Large muscle strength

  • Range of motion

  • Sensory perception

  • Body measurements

Back Leg and Chest dynamometers provide these valuable measurements, but can be beneficial for diverse uses such as for injury prevention for athletes or job task analysis for job applicants.

For example, when a martial artist complains of low back pain, a sports therapist will want to be able to establish the maximum capacity of the back and leg muscles. Athletes with poor back muscle endurance and decreased hamstring strength are at a greater risk for low back pain. Using our example, an athlete with deficits in these two areas are more inclined to suffer pain in the low back with extensive training. Assessing the back and hamstring strength using a back-leg-chest dynamometer gives the practitioners baseline strength numbers to identify deficits and begin tracking progress as the athlete goes through rehabilitation. When using a back-leg-chest dynamometer, the sports trainer uses baseline strength results to create a training program designed to maximize strength and injury prevention.

Another example using a back leg chest dynamometer is in evaluating a potential applicant and their ability to successfully complete necessary job tasks. Using a back leg and chest dynamometer gives evaluators an important way to identify the best applicants for manual labor jobs or jobs that require physical skill (like in construction). Some of the most common jobs that may require strength testing include:

  • construction related jobs

  • police or firefighter personnel

  • military positions

The Rehabilitative Benefits of the Baseline Back-Leg-Chest Dynamometers

Strength evaluations made easy with this Baseline Dynamometer for evaluating strength of the back, legs, and or chest. Measures Strength & Function: Strength and function actually refer to two different things, but are often included together. The definition of strength refers to the exertion to required force for a specific task. An example of strength is the required force needed to lift a large box from the ground to an overhead shelf. Function refers the person’s ability to complete a specific task, whether a pitcher pitching a ball or construction worker pouring concrete. Baseline’s back-leg-chest dynamometer is able to accurately measure both strength and function at the same time.
The Baseline Back Leg Chest Dynamometer is designed to evauate the large muscle groups for FCE and Job Task Testing Safe to Use: Large muscle testing can be difficult to measure, because there can be a tendency for the measurement device to jostle or move during testing. The Baseline dynamometer was designed with a solid base (oversize base also available) that provides safe and secure footing for the tester.
This Baseline Back, Leg Chest Dynamometer is perfect for evaluating a wide variety of patients because it can test all body types. Accommodates Most: We all come in varying sizes of body, strength and functional ability. When performing muscle testing, whether for performance testing or rehabilitation testing, it’s valuable to have a strength measurement tool that can account for those differences. With an adjustable chain to account for varying heights and the ability to vary the point of application, Baseline’s Back-Leg-Chest Dynamometer is the perfect strength testing tool to use with diverse groups.
Easily track max force exerted as this Baseline Dynamometer reading locks at the max force reading until reset. Easy Record Keeping: Record keeping is a key aspect in evaluating strength, whether for a potential job or as a way to track strength progress. The strength reading of this Baseline muscle testing device accommodates readings in either pounds or kilograms. The unit keeps the maximum reading on the gauge until it’s reset, making it easy to capture strength testing results for record keeping.
The Baseline Back Leg Chest Dynamometer is pre calibrated and ready to use as soon as you are.

Ready to Use: The Baseline Back-Leg-Chest Dynamometer comes fully assembled and can be used right out of the box. Not only does this take the guesswork out of assembly, it makes it easy to use on days that involve testing larger groups of people.


Dimensions: 18" x 3" x 18"

Weight: 16 lbs

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