Electronic Output 500 Pound Push-Pull Dynamometer from Baseline

Baseline Electronic Push Pull Dynamometer LCD Gauge

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baseline push pull dynamometer 500 lb

500-Pound Electronic Output Push-Pull Dynamometer for Computer Integration

The Baseline electronic push-pull dynamometer has multiple applications making it a great tool to use to measure muscle strength, analyze job task ability and speed and perform functional capacity evaluation (FCE). This hydraulic push-pull dynamometer is easy to use and contains a transducer that generates an electric signal that can be read into a computer. This computer interface gives practitioners the ability to easily organize testing results using applicable computer software. With the help of a transducer, the test results are communicated from the dynamometer through the output wire.  Baseline’s push-pull dynamometer includes an easy to read dial gauge that includes an analog output which automatically transmits test readings to the corresponding computer. Push pull dynamometer for FCE and muscle strength testing

The Baseline LCD Push-Pull dynamometer has many great features including:

  1. Lightweight and portable

  2. Accessories include:

    • 3 push pads (padded curved, padded straight, and circular)

    • 1 pull hook and 1 snap-lock hook.

  3. Able to conduct muscle testing and functional capacity tests using a lift platform (sold separately)

  4. Can be used with either Baseline single and dual grip handles (sold separately).

  5. Easy to store in carrying Case

  6. 1-year warranty


The Baseline hydraulic push-pull dynamometer has a 500-pound capacity and was designed with a dial gauge and an analog output signal making it easy to read and transmit testing results to specific computers.

Dynamometers are perfect for muscle strength measurement, job task analysis and functional capacity evaluation (FCE). Not only is the hydraulic push-pull dynamometer lightweight and portable it comes with:

  • 3 push pads (padded curved, padded straight, and circular)
  • 1 pull hook and 1 snap-lock hook.


The strength reading can be viewed as pounds or kilograms and is CE Certified. Using a hydraulic system ensures accurate readings and with a much lighter design (1½ lb. vs. 6lb.) it’s easier to use and transport than spring push-pull dynamometers are popular. The Baseline dynamometer dial was designed to show in instantaneous force and holds the maximum force reading, until ready for the next test. This simplifies any manual record keeping necessary for the practitioner.

The Benefits of Using a Push-Pull Dynamometer

Pushing, pulling and lifting are skills used in daily life and in specific job tasks. Analyzing push-pull ability is important in terms of screening job applicants, analyzing deficits after an injury and tracking progress through rehabilitation.

 Most commonly, workers may use various pushing and pulling techniques in a wide range of activities, such as:

Measure Push Force with Baseline Push Pull Dynamometer Pushing or pulling manual carts and trucks
Evaluate ability to push or pull objects across flat surfaces Pushing objects such as cartons on flat surfaces (tables, floors, etc.)
Push pull dynamometers can test ability to use tools and controls Operating certain tools and controls
Test ability to push or pull doors open and closed with baseline dynamometers Pulling open and pushing close doors
FCE tools help evaluate manual tasks like packing boxes and wrapping products. Wrapping and boxing up products with wrapping materials




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