Baseline Hydraulic Push Pull Dynamometers For Sale:  Digital or Analog Gauges Available

Baseline Push-Pull Dynamometer | Analog or Digital | 50-500 LB Capacity

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Baseline Hydraulic Push Pull Dynamometer for Sale

Baseline Hydraulic Push Pull Dynamometer comes in Digital and Analog versions. Both versions come with 5 different attachments for various manual muscle testing procedures.

The Baseline hydraulic push-pull dynamometer has multiple applications making it a great tool to use to measure muscle strength, analyze job task ability and speed and perform functional capacity evaluation (FCE). The line of dynamometers from Baseline were designed to be as effective as they are easy to use.

 Lightweight and portable, the push-pull dynamometers come standard with 3 push pads (padded curved, padded straight, and circular), 1 pull hook and 1 snap-lock hook. Not only that, but these dynamometers can be used with lift platform (sold separately) to conduct additional muscle strength and functional testing.

The Baseline Push-Pull Dynamometers are Recommended For 

  • Objective muscle strength measurement 

  • Job task analysis: including actual push as well as pull and lift forces needed to perform a particular task (function).

  • Functional capacity evaluation of an individual’s push, pull or lift capacity to perform a given task (function)

Hydraulic Push-Pull Dynamometer Options

Choose Between 50-500 LB Capacity

There are several different weight capacities available for each version of the hydraulic manual muscle testing dynamometers. Both the Digital and Analog Options come in 50, 100, 250 or 500 lb capacity models. 

Select Analog or Digital Gauge


Analog Push Pull Dynamometer

Digital Push Pull Dynamometer

Classic analog hydraulic push pull dynamometer made by Baseline / Fabrication Enterprises

Digital Models are powered by AAA batteries and offer a simple and accurate solution for strength testing.

Analog Benefits:  Less expensive than a digital dynamometer, this analog push-pull mmt device is easy to use and contains a transducer that generates an electric signal that can be read into a computer.*

Baseline’s push-pull dynamometer includes an easy to read dial gauge that includes an analog output which automatically transmits test readings to the corresponding computer. 

Not only that, but without the need for a battery, you won’t have to worry about any charging time.


Digital benefits - The digital dynamometer is much lighter (1½ lb. vs. 6 lb.) and easier to use than spring push-pull dynamometers that are in common use today. 

The digital dial continuously shows instantaneous force and holds the maximum force reading. (This maximum reading should be manually recorded prior to resetting for the next test.) 

With a simple-to-read digital (LCD) readout, this digital push pull dynamometer makes it simple to read results and record data.

* This optional computer interface gives practitioners the ability to easily organize testing results using applicable computer software. With the help of a transducer, the test results are communicated from the analog push pull dynamometer through the output wire.  Comes with 3 push testing pads ( padded curved, padded straight, and circular) as well as 2 hooks (snap lock and pull hook).

Each Device Includes 3 Push, 2 Pull Attachments 

  • 3 push pads

    • padded curved

    • padded straight

    • and circular

  • 1 pull hook

  • 1 snap-lock hook


*see below for common applications of these different accessories.

*Each Push-Pull Dynamometer Comes With:

  • Convenient carrying case

  • User Manual

  • And each attachment from above.

The Baseline Push-Pull dynamometer has many great features including:

  1. Lightweight and portable

  2. Results can be viewed as pounds or kilograms. 

  3. Easy to store and transport in carrying caseThe Baseline Hydraulic Push Pull Dynamometer is designed for functional capacity evaluation testing and job analysis. Comes in several variations, Digital and Analog gauges, and 50 - 500 LB Weight Capacity.

  4. CE Certified

  5. 1-year warranty

  6. Can be used with either Baseline single and dual grip handles (sold separately)

4 Different Weight Options (for Analog or Digital models)

The Baseline hydraulic push-pull dynamometer has a 50 lb, 100 lb, 250 lb, or 500-pound capacity. Which makes it a great option for muscle strength measurement, job task analysis and functional capacity evaluation (FCE). 

5 Different Accessory Attachments Greater MMT Applications

Not only is the hydraulic push-pull dynamometer lightweight and portable it comes with 3 push pads (padded curved, padded straight, and circular), 1 pull hook and 1 snap-lock hook. The strength reading can be viewed as pounds or kilograms and is CE Certified. Using a hydraulic system ensures accurate readings and with a much lighter design (1½ lb. vs. 6lb.) it’s easier to use and transport than spring push-pull dynamometers are popular. The Baseline dynamometer dial was designed to show in instantaneous force and holds the maximum force reading, until ready for the next test. This simplifies any manual record-keeping necessary for the practitioner. 

*We offer dynamometers with a digital (LCD) readout as well as analog (dial). Choose either 50 lb., 100 lb., 250 lb., or 500 lb. force capacity unit.Perform lift strength evaluation with Hydraulic Push Pull Dynamometer and Optional Lift Platform Accessory.

Applications for Push-Pull Dynamometers

Pushing, pulling and lifting are skills used in daily life and in specific job tasks. Analyzing push-pull ability is important in terms of screening job applicants, analyzing deficits after an injury and tracking progress through rehabilitation. 

Most commonly, workers may use various pushing and pulling techniques in a wide range of activities, such as:

  • Pushing or pulling manual carts and trucks

  • Pushing objects such as cartons on flat surfaces (tables, floors, etc.)

  • Operating certain tools and controls

  • Pulling open and pushing close doors

  • Wrapping and boxing up products with wrapping materials

The Cost of Push Pull Dynamometer vs Not Using One

When shopping for manual muscle testing tools it’s easy to get discouraged by the price and technical features these devices offer. These days, there are many options on the market and its more important than ever to find a mmt device you can trust.

For both employees and employers alike, it’s critical to do everything possible to mitigate job site risk and protect people at work. 

Participating in manual labor everyday can leave workers at risk for injuries including:

  • Back strain or pain: Worker related claims of back injury cost $40,000-$80,000 per employee

  • Slips and falls: slip and fall injuries cost $70 billion annually in the United States

  • Neck and shoulder strain: Worker related claims of neck and shoulder strain injuries cost approximately $25,000 per employee

Devices like the Baseline Push Pull Evaluation Kits can help you and your employees objectively assess the situation and do a better job reducing risk of injuries and accidents.