BioFreeze Cold Therapy Pain Relief 32oz Clinical Dispenser

BioFreeze Cold Therapy Pain Relief 32oz Clinical Dispenser

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Biofreeze Cold Therapy Pain Relief 32oz Clinical Dispenser

Biofreeze was created by a medical professional to treat arthritis using the active ingredient menthol along with a synergistic blend of inactive ingredients. It is now used to treat sore muscles, sprains, and several other conditions to relieve pain and promote healing.

Biofreeze contains an ILEX base and an herbal extract that provide quick-acting, long lasting, pain relief. Biofreeze Cryotherapy pain relief formula is greaseless and stainless. It has non-intrusive scent that disappears shortly after its application.

It is recommended that therapists lightly massage Biofreeze into all sides of sore muscles. Biofreeze can be used to relieve pain from sore muscles and muscle spasms, back, shoulder and neck pain, arthritis, painful ankle, knee, hip and elbow joints, and muscle strains.

Biofreeze can also be used to relieve pain prior to massage therapy, soft tissue trigger point therapy, rehabilitation exercises, and pre and post workout stretch.

This item includes one 32 ounce dispenser bottle of Biofreeze. This product can also be purchased in a case of 16. Other practitioner sizes include 16oz bottles, 1-Gallon bottles, and boxes of 100 5-gram packets. Individual use sizes are also available in spray and gel versions.