A Comparative Review of the Hoggan Scientific MicroFET2 and the Lafayette Hand-Held Dynamometers

2nd Feb 2024

Posted by Lynn Perkes MS, AT, PTA on

A Comparative Review of the Hoggan Scientific MicroFET2 and the Lafayette Hand-Held Dynamometers

Muscle strength impairment can be associated with range of motion and mobility limitations and a predictor of important outcomes such as mortality, hospital stay length, and overall general health and wellbeing. The ability to assess muscle strength deficits and improvements overtime objectively, reliably, and quantifiably, makes handheld dynamometry an important diagnostic and evaluation tool for a variety of healthcare professionals. Further, the ability to quantifiably demonstrate to a patient the effectiveness of a prescribed muscular strengthening rehabilitation program provides them with relevant information to help maintain motivation to continue their rehabilitation and comply with their recommended program.

Two of the most commonly used handheld dynamometers devices are the MicroFET2 by Hoggan Scientific and the Lafayette Handheld Dynamometer. We are often asked what are the differences between these two handheld dynamometer devices. The chart below presents those differences for your consideration.

Product Feature # MicroFET2* Lafayette**
-Wireless Technology

-Microprocessor controlled


Force Measurement Range

Calibration Points

0 – 300 lbs

Offers two threshold settings: Low-0.8 lb. to 300 lbs. in 0.1 increments High-3.0 lbs. to 300 lbs. in 0.1 pound increments
0 – 300 lbs

31 point (every 10 pounds)
Units of Measurement Pounds (lbs)
Newtons (N)
Kilogram (Kg)
Pounds (lbs)
Newtons (N)
Kilogram (Kg)
Tests Available -Peak force
-Elapsed time
-Peak force
-Time to reach peak force
-Total test time
-Average force
-Real-time force
-End force
-Average force from peak to end
|-Percentage decrease from peak force to end force
Selectable Test Time NA 0-10 seconds
Declared Ergonomic design Statement Ergonomic design and light weight for ease and effectiveness of use that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand Simple ergonomic design fits easily into the palm of your hand
Testing Attachments (transducer pads) 1 flat
1 curved
1 digit
3 different molded plastic stirrups with pads
Reported Testing Accuracy 1% of measured value 1% of measured value
Power Source Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Self-Activating Battery Preservation Sleep Mode After 3 minutes After 5 minutes
Battery Life Operation Use Time:
-Non-wireless mode: 90 hours continuous
-Wireless mode: 6 hrs continuous
-Battery charge time: 3 continuous hours of charging
12 hours
LCD Display Easy read graphical LCD display.
Size: .9’
Low power
Easy to read graphical LCD display.
Battery indicator on LCD display
Test Storage Stores up to 30 tests Stores up to 250 tests
Standard Warranty 1-year parts and labor
-1 free calibration
-Lifetime tech support
Optional Extended Warranties Available Gold:
2-year parts & labor
2 free calibrations
1-year software updates

3-year parts & labor
3 free calibrations
2-year software updates
What Comes with Order
-1 MicroFET2 handheld dynamometer
-User’s Guide
-3 diff. transducer pads
-Wall pack power supply -Carrying Case
-Calibration Certificate
-Standard Warranty
-1 Lafayette Handheld Dynamometer
-User’s Guide
-3 diff. stirrups with algometer attachment
-Battery Charger
-Sanitary Covers
-Carrying Case
-Standard Warranty

NOTE: Both of these products are available for purchase worldwide, except in Canada.

Hoggan Scientific MicroFET2 Optional Software Packages (Windows)
  • 1.Clinical Software Package: Provides muscle strength testing and spinal range of motion protocols, allows patient tracking, analysis, and comparison statistics with narrative and graphic reports.
  • 2.Data Collection Package: Designed for research and educational applications, provides test capture feature and displays test data, which can be opened in most spreadsheet programs in comma-separated values for further analysis.
Lafayette Handheld Dynamometer - DynoData (Windows)
With DynoData: Enables editing and storage of dynamometer settings, enables viewing and record data in real time, download and view data, export data, copy downloaded time-fore data to clipboard, and copy downloaded table data to clipboard. Note: This is only available with the 01165APP model.


*MicroFET2 Handheld Dynamometer product page


**Lafayette Handheld Dynamometer product page