16th Sep 2013

Alessco’s EVA Foam Rubber Flooring Products Turn A Rough Floor into Something Special

Today we highlight the product line made by Alessco, Inc., based in Chicago, Illinois. Alessco has designed a set of products that use can be used in medical clinics, fitness centers, and other healthcare related venues to make the floor comfortable while dressing up the entire room. Their innovative products can be used for almost any interior flooring needs as well as for many outdoor uses.

Some of the most popular of the Alessco product line include the following.


Alessco SoftFloors Rubber Flooring Surface

SoftFloors is likely the most popular product among our customers. SoftFloors is an economic but durable and comfortable flooring solution that can be used to cover small or large areas. SoftFloors Rubber Flooring is available in both premium and economic grades.


Alessco SoftWoods Rubber Flooring

SoftWoods is made of essentially the same material as SoftFloors, but it has been designed so that the surface looks like a hardwood floor. Never before has a hardwood floor been so forgiving. SoftWoods combines the comfort of soft rubber flooring with the elegance of the look of hardwood floors.


Alessco SoftCarpet Rubber Backed Flooring

With the SoftCarpets line of products, Alessco bonded its highly popular EVA foam rubber with polypropylene commercial grade carpet. The result is a comfortable, lightweight, waterproof, shock absorbent carpet system that feels great with shoes or barefoot.


Alessco SoftRubber Flooring

The SoftRubber product was made with the needs of gyms, playgrounds, and industrial facilities in mind. These rubber flooring tiles are made of recycled rubber and high density closed cell EVA foam rubber. They are easy to install and keep a facility feeling new for a long time after installation.

ProHealthcareProducts.com carries several other products from Alessco. Feel free to browse our store to see if there is something that can improve the look and feel of your clinic, home, or any other place you might need some comfortable and rugged flooring.