11th Nov 2014

Ankle Dorsiflexion Testing Procedures with Handheld Dynamometer

Ankle Dorsiflexion Test

When measuring and testing ankle dorsiflexion with a hand dynamometer the goal is to see how vigorously the patient can draw their foot back toward their body in a supine position. In other words the patient lays on their back and tries as hard as they can to lift their toes back toward their leg and upper body as the practitioner exerts force in the opposite direction with the muscle testing device pressed against the patient's foot. 

The practitioner needs to place the device just below the toes and lean over the patient's leg in order to provide the appropriate resistance and gain an accurate readings. 

Once the muscle testing device is in place the person holding the hand dynamometer should signal the patient to press back against the device as hard as possible for 4-5 seconds. Remember, the person being tested will take one to two seconds to exert maximum force so it is important to perform the test for the appropriate amount of time.

For a demonstration of an Ankle Felxion Test please see the video below and checkout the MicroFET 2 Hand Dynamometer in the store.