Benefits of the JTech Commander Powertrack Handheld Dynamometer

2nd Jun 2016

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Benefits of the JTech Commander Powertrack Handheld Dynamometer

Manual muscle testing is an important testing process in physical therapy. The most efficient tool to use to test muscle strength is a manual muscle dynamometer, like the JTECH Commander PowerTrack. The manual muscle 

JTECH Commander Handheld Dynamometer

dynamometer has many important functions. Manual muscle dynamometers help to:

  • Rate strength impairment
  • Diagnose injury or issues
  • Create a rehabilitation treatment plan
  • Evaluate and track progress
  • Case Management

When performing muscle testing, depending on clinic set-up or availability, it’s not always convenient to hook up the manual muscle dynamometer to a computer. The JTech The Commander PowerTrack is a reliable manual dynamometer that gives you the ability to perform manual muscle testing anywhere, at any time.

The Best Features of the JTech Commander Powertrack

  1. Convenience: Clunky, heavy equipment are a thing of the past and with good reason. As we mentioned, the JTech Commander was designed to be able to be used without a computer, however it also has a compact design making it fit easily in a practitioner’s hand and storage friendly.
  2. Calculates Comparisons: When performing muscle testing it’s important to have the ability to compare and evaluate effort. The Powertrack is able to analyze bilateral strength deficits for objective side-to-side comparisons and evaluate variations to determine determining consistency of a patient’s effort.
  3. Reliability: Research has shown that reliability in manual muscle dynamometer’s results are highly dependent on adhering to testing protocols. The Commander Powertrack makes achieving reliable results easy with its “axis compensation” circuitry design which can guarantee 99% accuracy across the entire test pad. With its reliability and adherence to testing protocols, practitioners can trust the results they receive as a true measurement of patient’s strength.
  4. Efficient: When seeing patients, practitioners don’t want to waste a lot of time hooking up equipment. The Powertrack dynamometer comes with a “quick connect” design making the changing of test pads a faster and easier task.
  5. Downloadable Results: The JTech dynamometer comes with downloading software, so that once testing has been completed, results can be downloaded into the computer for tracking progress and efficient record keeping.

JTECH Commander PowerTrack II
Handheld Dynamometer

Using the JTECH Commader to Evaluate Upper Body Strength

Measure Lower Body Dorsiflexion and Extension

PowerTrack II Handheld Dynamometer

There are a lot of manual muscle dynamometers on the market, making it hard to choose the right one for your clinic. With its compact design, the JTech Commander has the versatility and reliability necessary to provide not only reliable results but ease of use in any area of a rehabilitation space or for home sessions. 

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