Best Portable Ultrasound Device | US Pro 2000 By Current Solutions

26th May 2015

Best Portable Ultrasound Device | US Pro 2000 By Current Solutions

Portable ultrasound devices are becoming more and more commonly used by clinicians and people at home.  US Pro 2000 Portable Ultrasound is the leader home ultrasound devices. Physical therapists and patients alike can take the ultrasound treatment system with them where ever they go without interrupting their physical therapy regiment. 

Features of the US Pro 2000 Portable Ultrasound

This ultrasound device comes standard with a carrying case made of hard plastic to protect your device, a small bottle of ultrasound gel, an AC adapter, and a manual. When you run out of  Ultrasound Gel refills are available at The sound head that comes with the device is a standard 5 cm applicator which is the most versatile size available. 

Using the US Pro is extremely easy with it's preset modes. There are 3 different treatment time settings including 5, 10 and 15 minute periods. It is recommended to start with the 5 minute time window as you get used to the device. Also, there are 3 different modes to adjust the intensity of your treatment: low, medium, and high. All 3 modes are pulsed ultrasound. The low setting is 30 % duty cycle, medium is 40%, and high is 50%.

Common Uses for the Portable Ultrasound by Current Solutions

One of the most popular reasons to use a portable ultrasound is treating  carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel is classified as chronic pain in the hand and arm with numbness or tingling in the extremity(see figure 1 below).

Anything from wrist anatomy and patterns of hand use can contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome. Treatment may include rest, ice, wrist splints, cortisone injections, and surgery. Alternatives to surgery include ultrasound therapy which is the much less invasive and less expensive option. A quick way to tell if you are a candidate for ultrasound therapy treatment is testing whether or not the pain responds to heat therapy. If heat therapy provides relief it may be worth considering ultrasound treatment. Patients should consult a physician before deciding which treatment options are best suited for their particular situation. 

How to Begin Using the US Pro Ultrasound Device

First off, you'll need to apply the ultrasound gel provided with your device. Completely cover the surface of the 5 cm soundhead and feel free to add more to the treatment area. It is important to use the gel because any air between the soundhead and the skin will limit the effectiveness of the treatment. 

Next, you'll select both your intensity levels and desired time period for treatment. Once you start the application the device can sense contact with the skin and the green light on the device will power up. This signals that you have begun treatment and your soundhead has the appropriate amount of contact with the skin. 

During the application you will move the applicator in slow,  circular motions always keeping the ultrasound gel between the soundhead and the patients skin.

Start with the shorter settings and only apply treatment once a day. After a while you can work your way up to the 15 minute setting and increase the intensity steadily.

Essentially you are providing the effected area with a deeper, more concentrated heat than you can apply with heat packs alone.

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