Current Solutions US Pro 2000 | Portable Ultrasound Device

27th Jan 2015

Current Solutions US Pro 2000 | Portable Ultrasound Device

The US Pro 2000 by Current Solutions is one of the most portable and versatile therapeutic ultrasound devices on the market. The US Pro 2000 is great for both home and clinical ultrasound applications. Specifically designed to provide ease of use through its ergonomic design and single button control.

US Pro 2000 Therapeutic Ultrasound Device

Therapeutic ultrasound has been found to provide relief for chronic pain, muscle and ligament damage, and muscle spasms. Most patients will feel nothing during the treatment procedures and some will notice slight heating of the targeted area.

For physical therapists in need of a portable ultrasound device that can deliver a wide variety of therapy requirements the US Pro 2000 has 3 output intensities and 3 treatment time selections enabling a wide spectrum for its application. The device generates pulsed high frequency sound waves (1 MHz) which create vasodilation, increasing blood flow and expedites natural healing processes in the targeted area.

The quality of the device will not only be recognized by the users but also the patients receiving treatment. Features like the pre-heated sound head and alloy rounded head make the US Pro by Current Solutions is the most comfortable portable ultrasound devices on the market. Every device comes with a limited 1 year warranty that covers any malfunction in the materials and workmanship

The US Pro 2000 comes standard with one sound head, one bottle of therapetuic ultrasound gel, a user manual, and wall charging unit.

Find more information about ultrasound and physical therapy products at or see the User Manual below

Current Solutions US Pro 2000 DU3035 Manual