22nd Aug 2017

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Dickson Paraffin Therapy Tubs from Whitehall Mfg

Paraffin therapy is a popular non-invasive pain-relieving treatment and has varied applications and multiple benefits. Paraffin therapy can be used to help in the treatment of: 

  • Muscular pain
  • Joint pain
  • Inflammation

Addition to these benefits, paraffin therapy soothes and moisturizes skin conditions, increases local circulation and improves overall stress relief. A paraffin bath is a protected, regulated heat therapy device that warms paraffin to a safe, therapeutic level.

The Whitehall Dickson Paraffin therapy devices are ideal for treatment of hands and feet. With various sizes available, the Dickson Paraffin therapy tanks offer smaller units for space conscious clinics to medium-large size devices perfect for high traffic rehabilitation and sports centers.

Whitehall has carried high quality paraffin baths since 1924 and when they created the Dickson Paraffin therapy line they became a leading innovator in this heat therapy modality. Created with the choice of luxuriously, contoured solid wood moldings, the Dickson line is attractive and designed to provide a comfortable, effective heat therapy treatment.

The Whitehall Paraffin Therapy tanks can be used for:

  • Podiatry
  • Hand Therapy
  • Athletic Training
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Spa or Massage Centers
  • At-Home Use
  • Long Term Rehabilitative Care

The Dickson line of paraffin therapy tanks was designed for both easy use and increased patient comfort. Each paraffin unit includes a timer controlled high heat sterilizing circuit. This state-of-the-art time automatically returns to operating temperatures after it's cycle has completed. This feature makes it ideal for rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes, and doctor's offices where sterilization is important for patient safety. Each Dickson paraffin bath provides protected, regulated application of temperature which is both effective and safe.

The Dickson paraffin therapy line has tubs available in all sizes and styles, and range from models to accommodate on-the-go treatment or tabletop hand treatment, with the ability to treat partial upper and lower extremities. Each Dickson tank is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and, depending on the model, come with choices for thermostat, timer-control, or simple on/off operation. Choose from beautifully-finished solid hard wood molding accents or durable, all-stainless-steel models to have the perfect paraffin therapy tank to match your clinic or centers’ décor.

The Dickson Paraffin Therapy Line

  • 6 lb. capacity
  • Color-coded on/off switches
  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Comes with 6 lbs. of paraffin
  • Stainless steel design

PB-101 Paraffin Therapy Tub 6 Lb Capacity


  • 6 lb. capacity
  • Space-saving unit can be used on counter or floor
  • 3-way switch for activating high heat sanitizing
  • Timer-controlled sterilization
  • Optional Stand Available



  • 20 lb. capacity
  • Includes stand on casters and can be removed from the stand for floor or counter use.
  • Includes removable bi-metal thermometer for increased safety
  • Designed with heated drain for easy paraffin removal
  • Sanitizes in an hour



  • 50 lb. capacity
  • Includes removable, mobile stand
  • High heat light indicates sanitizing mode
  • Timer allows for unattended sanitizing
  • 2-piece cover to expose either one or both halves at a time


High Quality:  Dickson Paraffin baths are designed to safely and effectively administer hot paraffin wax treatments to the  arms, legs, hands and feet in order to help reduce pain caused by chronic and acute injuries or conditions. Whitehall is an innovator in the field of hot therapy devices, using input from practitioners in the field of physical therapy and physical medicine, the Dickson paraffin therapy line is synonymous with quality and is the finest name in the application of paraffin.

Durable Stainless-Steel Tank: Both Paraffin and perspiration are known to have corrosive properties and can wreak havoc on hot therapy devices. All Dickson paraffin baths are constructed with high-grade stainless steel which will not corrode with heavy use as well as meeting the highest standards in sanitizing.

Precise Temperature Control: The Dickson Paraffin Baths are designed to operate with a maximum temperature variation of plus or minus 1°F (0.55°C). Not only does this insure the proper temperature for heat therapy benefits, but it also creates the quickest possible formation of the paraffin “glove” which is so essential to a successful paraffin treatment. Paraffin therapy must reach and maintain therapeutic heat in order to be effective. The Dickson paraffin line holds temperature precisely so the solution will immediately congeal around the treated area as soon as it is immersed.

High Heat Warning Light: With any heat therapy device, there is the risk of burns. The Dickson paraffin therapy line includes a high heat warning light which indicates when the temperature of the bath is higher than that considered safe and comfortable for an effective treatment.

Timed Melting or Sanitizing Temperature Circuit: Melting paraffin and sanitizing can be time sometimes be time intensive, but not anymore! The Dickson paraffin devices are the only baths available that were designed with a timed hi-heat circuit. This timed-mode allows for both melting the paraffin or sanitizing, which can be accomplished unattended. When using this mode, once the timer returns to zero, the bath automatically returns to treatment temperature, ready for use with the next treatment.

Attractive Mahogany Molding: Not only are the hard wood moldings, with a new plastic epoxy finish attractive, but they also provide essential patient protection from both the heat of the bath and surrounding metal. Each molding is contoured to provide a comfortable and cool rest for the patient's extremities during their paraffin treatment. The wood moldings also act as insulation for the tank itself, helping it maintain its therapeutic temperature and help keep a stable temperature throughout the bath itself, making for even heat distribution. These moldings were designed to slightly extend over the inside of the tank to create an effective splash guard for the hot paraffin.

Increased Safety: The sanitizing mode is meant to run attendant-free. With a limit switch included on all Dickson baths, practitioners can use the hi-heat mode for sanitizing with ease. Each Whitehall paraffin bath has plexiglass bottom slats which prohibits contact of appendages from resting directly on the bottom of the unit, cover and thermometer, making for a safer treatment. Each Dickson paraffin therapy bath is guaranteed for 1 year against mechanical or electrical defects.