DNA Jazz Band Provides Relief from Neck and Back Pain

2nd Feb 2023

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DNA Jazz Band Provides Relief from Neck and Back Pain

The musculoskeletal system of the human body is built to perform work and to be worked. Without sufficient forces being applied to the body tissues they begin to deteriorate. However, over the years our bodies can endure a significant amount of stress and strain and when those stresses are too great in magnitude or imparted in unbalanced ways, tissue damage can occur yielding the associated pain and inflammation.

Chronic back pain, defined as a persistence of pain in the lower back is associated with a significant amount of distress and impairment, is the leading cause of years lived with disability in the United States. Other relevant chronic back pain statistics include:

  • Accounts for more than 57 million doctor office visits and 264 million lost workdays per year.
  • In 2019, 39.0% of adults had back pain making it the most prevalent site for pain, followed by lower limb (36.5%); upper limb (30.7%); headache or migraine (22.4%); abdominal, pelvic, or genital (9.8%); and tooth or jaw (9.2%).
  • Most likely to experience low back pain are adults aged 65 and over, women, non-Hispanic white adults, and those with income below 100% of the federal poverty level (FPL)
  • Total costs of direct medical expenditures and loss of work productivity combined related to low back pain have been estimated to be as high as $635 billion annually in the US.
  • Exercise therapies are the first-line treatments recommended in guidelines for routine use in chronic low back pain with specific modalities used to prepare the tissues for movement and to modulate the pain so exercise can be successfully performed

Of course, back pain can also result from arthritis in spine such as ankylosing spondylitis, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, postural deviations (lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis), sacroiliac dysfunction, etc.

CLICK HERE for a summary of background information and statistics of musculoskeletal disorders and arthritis. ( https://www.prohealthcareproducts.com/health-medical-statistics/)

Neck and Back Pain Relief with the DNA Jazz Band

The unique pain-relieving and muscle relaxing therapy of the DNA Jazz Band is delivered by nonionizing light (red light therapy, near infrared light therapy) and magnetic signaling and micro-vibration technologies to specifically target with precision the affected tissues. This is accomplished through sophisticated precision interactions from the intelligent micro-processor for four-mode optimization and signaling and advanced frequency stabilization circuits. Collectively these synergistic technologies stimulate and facilitate the therapeutic benefits at the lowest power output/intensity with precision to the target tissues by:

  • Reducing the presence of inflammatory markers, pro-inflammatory cytokines, and localized edema in stressed tissues providing pain relief
  • Increasing vasodilation and associated blood flow to the affected tissues bringing increased oxygen and nutrients
  • Increasing mitochondrial production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) providing enhanced energy to the healing tissues
  • Increasing synthesis of amino acids via the stimulation of messenger RNA signaling the synthesis of amino acids and proteins involved in the restoration and healing of damaged tissues for a quicker recovery

These therapeutic reactions and syntheses work to modulate pain and reduce swelling of tissues (which is also associated with irritating free nerve endings in the “stretched” tissues) where the pain is originating, while enhancing the pliability and extensibility of surrounding tissues to decrease stiffness and improve range of motion for enhanced mobility – helping people to live a better life.

In addition, the micro-diffusion technology along with the patent-pending computer/CAD- geometry construction of the Jazz Band guarantees optimal fitting and contouring to any body part reducing uneven distribution of the therapy, mitigating hot spots and uneven application for safety and effectiveness.

Because we are so sure you will experience these therapeutic benefits, DNA Jazz Band offers a full 60-Day money back guarantee. CLICK HERE to view all the DNA Jazz Band options and accessories. Start feeling better and doing more of what you love to do.

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A Few DNA Jazz Band Neck and Back Pain Customer Reviews/Testimonials

“The Jazz Band is a lifesaver! It’s helped my chronic back pain and given me a new lease on life! It’s the only thing that helped my daughter with her pain after an accident, not even pain meds helped her. This is the best money I’ve EVER spent!” (Laura M.)

“My problem issues are my knees, shoulder, neck, and low back. After two days I felt so much relief! My husband, who is always skeptical about my new homeopathic products, strained his lower back. I had him wear it twice for 30 minutes and he woke the next morning feeling immensely better. Now he asks to use it on his other aches and pains! I love it so much I referred my friend who just had knee surgery in hopes of speeding up her recovery. She’s been using it for several days and loving it too! Thank you! (Caryn H.)

“I’m loving my Jazz Band! I use it to relax every night and it’s helped with the pain from arthritis in my lower back.” (Mary L.)

“I have severe scoliosis and I have pain in my back and neck. The Jazz Band has helped reduce pain and inflammation. I can even use it in my car or on an airplane. Awesome technology!! I highly recommend it!!” (Marina D.)