DNA Jazz Band Provides Relief from Shoulder Injuries

2nd Feb 2023

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DNA Jazz Band Provides Relief from Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder complex, comprised of the scapula, clavicle, manubrium, and humerus bones and the sternoclavicular (SC), acromioclavicular (AC), and shoulder joints, is at significant risk for injury due to its high degree of mobility and its abundant use in our daily lives and in sports and leisure time activities. Consider a few of the potential injuries to the soft tissues of the shoulder complex and you realize that it is an area of our bodies that is likely to need therapeutic interventions to address pain and speed healing.

  • Acromioclavicular sprain accounts for more than 40% of all shoulder injuries among athletes and young individuals
  • Adhesive capsulitis has a prevalence of approximately 2% to 5% percent in the general population, with a mean age of onset at 55 years of age
  • Rotator cuff injury is the most common tendon injury seen and treated.
  • Age is the most common factor for rotator cuff disease, with approximately 30% of adults over 60 have a tear, and 62% of adults over 80 have tears.
  • Shoulder impingement was first described in 1852 and is believed to be the most common cause of shoulder pain, accounting for 44% to 65% of all shoulder complaints.

CLICK HERE for a summary of background information and statistics of musculoskeletal disorders/injuries and arthritis. ( https://www.prohealthcareproducts.com/health-medical-statistics/)

Shoulder Injury Pain Relief with the DNA Jazz Band

The unique pain-relieving and muscle relaxing therapy of the DNA Jazz Band is delivered by nonionizing light (red light therapy, near infrared light therapy) and magnetic signaling and micro-vibration technologies to specifically target with precision the affected tissues. This is accomplished through sophisticated precision interactions from the intelligent micro-processor for four-mode optimization and signaling and advanced frequency stabilization circuits. Collectively these synergistic technologies stimulate and facilitate the therapeutic benefits at the lowest power output/intensity with precision to the target tissues by:

  • Reducing the presence of inflammatory markers, pro-inflammatory cytokines, and localized edema in stressed tissues providing pain relief
  • Increasing vasodilation and associated blood flow to the affected tissues bringing increased oxygen and nutrients
  • Increasing mitochondrial production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) providing enhanced energy to the healing tissues
  • Increasing synthesis of amino acids via the stimulation of messenger RNA signaling the synthesis of amino acids and proteins involved in the restoration and healing of damaged tissues for a quicker recovery

These therapeutic reactions and syntheses work to modulate pain and reduce swelling of tissues (which is also associated with irritating free nerve endings in the “stretched” tissues) where the pain is originating, while enhancing the pliability and extensibility of surrounding tissues to decrease stiffness and improve range of motion for enhanced mobility – helping people to live a better life.

In addition, the micro-diffusion technology along with the patent-pending computer/CAD- geometry construction of the Jazz Band guarantees optimal fitting and contouring to any body part reducing uneven distribution of the therapy, mitigating hot spots and uneven application for safety and effectiveness.

Because we are so sure you will experience these therapeutic benefits, DNA Jazz Band offers a full 60-Day money back guarantee.  CLICK HERE to view all the DNA Jazz Band options and accessories. Start feeling better and doing more of what you love to do.

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A Few DNA Jazz Band Shoulder Injury Customer Reviews/Testimonials

“I love my Jazz Band. It got me through my torn rotator cuff injury last year and back to work. I still use it for other issues. Totally worth it. I highly recommend it!” (Melissa M.)

“I saw the healing benefits of red light thrapy on a veteran’s show. I did the research and found the Jazz Band that was MUCH MORE ADVANCED! My husband uses it on his knee and within a couple of sessions, he’s good to go. I regularly use in on my shoulder and other areas. I’m so impressed!! Also, DNA Vibe’s – US based customer service and response time is 5 Star!” (Lonna W.)

“The Jazz Band has been all it was advertised to be. It has helped with my shoulder and carpal tunnel pain. Only problem I have is that my significant other likes it for her shoulder and neck pain. I may have to order another one so we can each have our own.” (Mark H.)

“One of my sisters gifted me the DNA Vibe. I have not only tore my rotator cuff, but also have bone spurs in my shoulder and elbow. My pain was lowered immensely after the first use. I’ve worked in the medical field for 40+ years and for me this is a real breakthrough. Thank you, DNA Vibe!!” (Sue B.)