27th Jan 2014

Financing for Healthcare Clinics Available Now through ProHealthcareProducts.com

Starting or expanding a healthcare clinic can be complicated. There is so much you have to plan for and consider that it can be overwhelming. Obviously, one of the more difficult elements of setting up a clinic or expanding a healthcare facility involves purchasing and paying for equipment and supplies.

Financing for Healthcare Clinics

To make it easier for our customers and potential customers to purchase the equipment they need, ProHealthcareProducts.com has partnered with Geneva Capital to provide financing options for startup h

ealthcare facilities as well as to healthcare professionals who want to grow the size and/or scope of their business.

ProHealthcareProducts.com has been supplying thousands of medical and fitness related products to customer in the healthcare industry for years. We can assess your needs and create a package for you that will meet those needs affordably.

Geneva Capital has extensive experience helping healthcare facilities with purchasing and leasing options that make sense for the business and that allow medical practices to grow and thrive by helping them to avoid cash flow issues.

To find out more about financing options to fit the needs of your healthcare facility, please call us, email us, or connect with us through one of our social media channels.