How To Measure Hip Abduction with a Handheld Dynamometer

13th Jan 2015

How To Measure Hip Abduction with a Handheld Dynamometer

Hip abduction tests are performed in order to measure how much force a patient can exert while pulling their leg out to the side. It has become more and more common to use a handheld dynamometer to perform the test. The popular MicroFET 2 by Hoggan Scientific or Commander Echo by JTech are great for performing hip abduction exams. 

Steps for Hip Abduction Exam

  1. The test is started by having the patient lie down in a basic supine position while the tester stands directly to the side. The Doctor or nurse will then brace themselves just off the table while stabilizing the patient by firmly securing the other leg. 
  2. Instruct the patient to then pull their leg directly toward the tester for 4- 5 seconds(See Figure 1 Below). It is important to test this motion for at least 4 seconds to guarantee that the patient had a chance to reach maximum force for abduction. 
  3. Take readings from device and perform the test several times to establish and mean and max measurement. 

Patient Position for Hip Abduction Exam

Figure 1: Basic Patient Movement for Hip Abduction Exam