How to Use a Hand Held Dynamometer to Measure Knee Extension and Flexion

7th Dec 2014

How to Use a Hand Held Dynamometer to Measure Knee Extension and Flexion

Measure Knee Extension

Before you perform a knee extension analysis with a hand held dynamometer it may be helpful to get another person to help keep the patient in place. Helping the patient stay seated and in place will only ensure accuracy of the test.  

MicroFET 2 Hand Held Dynamometer

Before the test

Leave the leg hanging freely, about 90 degrees. Place the dynamometer just proximal to the lateral and medial malayali. Hold on to the table in order to prevent yourself from being pushed away. Stronger patients will be able to push you backward so it is important to prepare yourself and avoid losing your balance. 

Start the Test

Instruct your patient to take 1-2 seconds to come to maximum knee extension effort and continue that level of force for an additional 2-3 seconds. Make sure the patient extends their leg straight away from their body. It is important to maintain communication with the patient so be sure to talk through the entire exam.

Measuring Knee Flexion

The patient will be the same position as the Knee Extension test but this time the patient will be pulling their leg toward the body instead of pushing away. Again, use the help of another person to make sure the patient doesn't have and trouble staying in place. Follow the steps from above and view the video below.