How to Use the J-Tech Commander Echo Console to Increase Your Clinic’s Efficiency

10th Jul 2018

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How to Use the J-Tech Commander Echo Console to Increase Your Clinic’s Efficiency

Portable Manual Muscle Testing Made Easy

Most clinic practices are a combination of rehabilitation practitioners. With multiple practitioners comes the need for multiple rehabilitation devices. It can be difficult to outfit an entire clinic with necessary equipment that is reliable, space conscious and innovative. Additionally, it can be difficult to have multiple devices that records patient data in separate locations, which can lead to confusion if a patient sees more than one practitioner within a clinic.

Manual muscle testing is an important part of the rehabilitation process, from beginning to end. Not only will muscle testing give an initial baseline of strength and identify any potential deficits, it also helps track progress for each patient’s journey through rehabilitation.

Therefore, for clinics with multiple practitioners, it’s important to have a MMT device for each practitioner that can establish strength results and store patient’s manual muscle testing results in one convenient location.

For these practices, they need to look no further than the JTech Commander Echo Manual Muscle Testing Device and Console.

What is the JTech Commander Echo Console?

Description: The JTech Commander Echo Console is a unique modular device giving clinics wireless, portable evaluation equipment that remains valuable and functional even as a clinic grows.

The Benefits of a Modular Device

With a modular device, clinics have the ability to purchase only the handheld dynamometers and evaluation tools they need, but still have the ability to add on later. This wireless, portable evaluation system allows clinics to record data for up to 7 different instruments at a time.

In an age where patient charting is imperative, the Echo console automatically collects data, stores results, computes statistics and automatically prompts for the next test when practitioners are running tests in a particular series.

Not only that, but the Commander Echo Console makes it easy for practitioners to select the appropriate test, delete any impertinent information all with the use of an easy to use control stick. The Console was designed with a large LCD window with easy-to-read screen as well as pre-programmed test sequencing and the capability to automatically calculate statistics so practitioners can focus on testing protocols.

Additionally, the console can measure in pounds, kilograms, Newtons and degrees depending on your clinic’s needs. Further, the console is wireless independent of the evaluation device which allows the practitioner to easily review testing results during testing without interrupting the flow of the test.

The Benefits of the JTech Commander Echo Console

Multiple Practitioners: The Commander Echo Console was designed to record data for up to 7 different manual muscle testing devices, giving clinics the ability to store their patient data in one place. And with the ability to add on devices, clinics can start out with the dynamometers they need and add devices as their practice grows.

In addition to dynamometers, clinics can use appropriate inclinometer, algometer, pinch dynamometer, goniometer, static force gauge dynamometer and grip dynamometer to perform comprehensive strength testing.

Easy Data Collection: The JTech Echo Console was designed with ease in mind, so it automatically collects data and stores patients results. The console was programmed with automatic test sequencing and has the ability to compute statistics making for easy analysis.

Practices have the option to purchase the accompanying Echo downloader software to help their practitioners create detailed reports with the simple click of a few buttons. The downloader software was designed to use with the Echo console in order to efficiently and easily eliminate any dictation or transcription errors. With format options, reports can be as detailed with patient information as needed. Full color reports are easy to read and can be used to simply track patient progress.

Simple to Use: The Commander Echo Console was designed specifically to be simple to use with a control-stick operation so practitioners can easily select tests and delete unwanted information efficiently. Using Bluetooth technology, the software connects seamlessly with the console for uninterrupted testing and collection of results. The software also quickly creates forms from collected data.

The JTech Commander Echo Console is compatible with the JTech Commander Manual Muscle Testing Dynamometer and other strength & range of motion devices, which offers their own features that set it apart from other evaluation devices.

The Advantages of the JTech Commander Echo Dynamometer

Saves Time: Precious treatment minutes can be wasted setting up awkward rehabilitation equipment. With a “quick connect” design, the Commander Echo dynamometer allows practitioners to efficiently change out testing pads and quickly get to the task of testing.

Innovative Analysis: The Commander Echo dynamometer gives practitioners the ability to customize testing protocols and is programmed to identify areas and/or patterns of weakness. For accurate measures of strength, tests are done on both sides. The Commander Echo MMT device also compares bilateral tests and identifies strength differences.

Accurate: A manual muscle testing device is only as good as its accuracy. The JTech Commander Echo dynamometer is widely recognized for providing accurate results without compromising on ease of use.

The JTech Commander Echo Console is compatible with the JTech Commander Grip Dynamometer.

The Advantages of the JTech Commander Grip Dynamometer

  • Efficient Testing: The Grip dynamometer automatically calculates coefficient of
  • variation (CV) to take the guess work out of test results and increase testing efficiency.
  • Established Norms: With programmed established norms, practitioners can automatically evaluate results against published data to immediately identify deficits and track gains made during treatment.
  • High Capacity: With 200 lb. capacity, this grip strength testing device can be used with patients with diverse strength needs and abilities.

The JTech Commander Echo Console is compatible with the JTech Commander Pinch Dynamometer.

The Advantages of the JTech Commander Pinch Dynamometer

  • Patient Storage: Patient charting is a snap because the pinch dynamometer can store up to 20 tests.
  • Comprehensive Testing: Not only can practitioners test for key, palmar and tip testing, but the dynamometer can detect bilateral differences and automatically establishes baselines for both sides and can be used to monitor progress.
  • 50 lb. capacity: With a 50 lb. capacity, this pinch gauge will work with various patient populations.

The JTech Commander Echo Console is compatible with the JTech Commander Static Force Dynamometer.

The Advantages of the JTech Commander Static Force Dynamometer

  • Comprehensive Data Storage: Not only can the JTech Static Force Dynamometer store up to 20 tests, but it can keep information for up to 8 repetitions to get the most accurate results.
  • Maximum Force: The Static Force Dynamometer automatically calculates maximum force as well as average force for each subsequent repetition.
  • Time Tests Capability: Practitioners can choose to use untimed tests or test using 1-5 second preset timed tests.

The JTech Commander Echo Console is compatible with the JTech Commander Algometer.

The Advantages of the JTech Commander Algometer

  • Sensitivity: To ensure the most accurate results, the JTech Algometer was designed to identify even small changes in pressure sensitivity.
  • Extensive Testing: In order to get the most reliable results, the Commander Algometer was designed with 2 pressure measurement tips to measure both the small and large muscles of the neck and head.

The JTech Commander Echo Console is compatible with the JTech Commander Goniometer

The Advantages of the JTech Commander Goniometer

  • Compact: With an ergonomic design, the JTech Goniometer is compact and perfect for measuring hand range of motion.
  • Extensions: With extensions, practitioners can measure range of motion for both large extremities and small digits with ease.
  • Easy to Read: With an easy-to-read display, practitioners can simply read results and have them stored until full testing is complete (for up to 20 tests).

The JTech Commander Echo Console is compatible with the JTech Commander Dual Inclinometer

The Advantages of the JTech Commander Dual Inclinometer

  • Extensive: With the JTech Dual Inclinometer, practitioners can measure for lordosis, kyphosis and joint ankylosis for a full-scale evaluation. In addition, the Inclinometer was designed to measure both agonist and antagonist movements without the need to stop or reposition the patient making for efficient testing.
  • Complete: Additionally, the Dual Inclinometer can be used for complete range of motion testing and can be used with dynamic, auto-rep, and static testing depending on your practitioner’s needs.

In addition to these advanced evaluation tools designed with the latest in innovative technology, the J Tech Commander Echo can be used with specifically designed software sold separately which can create forms and reports from all data collected. The software is fast, easy to use and seamlessly corresponds with the console using Bluetooth technology.

The JTech Commander Echo Console System and muscle strength and range of motion testing devices were designed for growing and established practices. It offers reliable, accurate results while being easy to use. And with the ability to store multiple patient data, it makes record keeping less cumbersome.

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