Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer Evaluation Kits

12th Apr 2016

Posted by Sara Zuboff on

Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer Evaluation Kits

Handgrip strength is said to be a predictor of the strength of the entire body. However, measuring hand grip strength can be Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometerdependent on many factors mainly adhering to proper testing protocols and the device used to do the measuring. It’s important for clinics to choose a hand dynamometer that will be easy to use yet provide accurate results.

The Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer measures hand grip strength and provides reliable test results time and time again. More than that, this hydraulic hand dynamometer has features that increase its benefits to both patients and clinics.

The Best Features of the Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

  1. Maximum Strength: With varying degrees of strength found in our patient populations, it’s important to have a hand dynamometer which is able to test both our strongest and weakest patients. The Baseline hand dynamometer was designed to test strength up to 200 lbs (90 kg).
  2. Easy to read: The gauge of the Baseline hydraulic hand dynamometer was designed not only to be easy to read, but will also indicate the maximum test score of the last reading until clinicians are ready to use it again.
  3. Adjustable hand grip: Just as we have patients with different strength ranges, we have patients with varying hand sizes. In order to accommodate patients with different hand sizes, the grip spacing in the Baseline device can be moved to 5 different spaces (1-3/8” to 3-3/8”, 3.5-8.6 cm)
  4. Choose Basic Kit or Upgraded Kit: Depending on your clinic’s needs, the Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer’s come as a basic 3-piece or an upgraded 7-piece set. The 3-Piece Hand Evaluation Set has the hydraulic hand dynamometer, hydraulic pinch gauge, and a stainless steel goniometer which allows you to measure tip, key, palmer pinch, grip strength and range of motion of the finger joints. The 7-Piece Hand Evaluation set includes the hydraulic hand dynamometer, pinch gauge, stainless steel finger goniometer, two-point Disk-Criminator, Wartenburg pinwheel, finger circumference gauge and a functional finger motion gauge.
  5. Carrying Case: Keep all pieces of the hand dynamometer kit together in one convenient carrying case; making it easy to store, use and transport both within the clinic and to treatment locations.

In order to have reliable hand strength analysis results, it’s important to use a hand dynamometer that is not only easy to use, but incredibly accurate. The Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer evaluation kits provide top-quality results for patients of varying degree of strength.

For more information about the various hand dynamometers and tools for strength evaluation please visit ProHealthcareProducts.com.