Introduction to TOGU - Balance, Coordination, and Strength Development Products

11th Apr 2017

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Introduction to TOGU - Balance, Coordination, and Strength Development Products

Togu Balance Training Products

Balance tools and training equipment look like a lot of fun, from cut-in-half giant stability balls to small circular “pillow disks”. However, these tools are carefully designed and crafted to help people improve their balance. And while, most people believe that the elderly population is concerned about balance, the truth is balance plays a key role in physical fitness and health.

Professional athletes and those interested in physical fitness now recognize that balance training helps them to perform better in their sports. Not only that but a strong core, which is developed as a part of balance training, is an important part of stabilization and coordination in daily activities like walking, transferring in and out of vehicles, etc.

In order to increase the skills associated with balance, specially designed tools (like those cute stability balls and disks) are a great asset in physical training regimens, sports training or rehabilitation programs. Yet, not all balance training equipment is created equal. Those balls and disks may look like fun (and they can be), but make no mistake quality counts. It is for this reason, has decided to carry the Togu line of balance training tools and equipment.

What is Togu?

Togu is a family-run business founded by two brothers, Toni Obermaier and Gust Obermaier. Gust Obermaier was inspired to try to produce a one-piece ball without the needs for seams or glues. Out of that inspiration came a commitment to provide top-quality, durable balance training equipment. The Togu philosophy is simple and profound, “The human being is the focus.”Togu creates innovative balance equipment with an eye to meet each individual at their own skill level.

Togu At-A-Glance:

The Togu line is comprised of cutting edge balance training equipment designed with innovative Anti-Burst technology that offers many benefits:

  • Perfect balance tools for fitness, rehabilitation and sports training
  • Appropriate balance training equipment for all levels of fitness and skill
  • Durable, high-quality construction
  • Conforms to safety standards including CPSIA, REACH, and CA65
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly

These benefits are compounded when combined with the advantages offered by balance training. Balance training offers many benefits for all populations from professional athletes to people in recovery from an injury or illness.

The Top 5 Benefits of Balance Training With TOGU include:

  1. Improve functional mobility in daily tasks and activities
  2. Increase static and active balance
  3. Cultivate strength in large muscle groups, stabilizer muscles and the core
  4. Increase ease of movement in day-to-day activities including walking, running, and transfers
  5. Improve posture and ability to maintain a neutral position of the spine both in static and active positions

We’ve created a list of some of our favorite Togu balance products to give you an overview of this exceptional company.

Top Togu Products for Balance Training

ABS Powerball From TOGU

ABS Powerball: Stability balls or Powerballs are popular tool in fitness and rehabilitation. Stability balls are a multi-functional piece of fitness equipment that can help improve strength, cardio endurance and balance. In rehabilitation, exercise balls provide patients with the ability to rebuild strength without added muscle and spinal strain during certain movements.

  • Why the Togu ABS Powerball is Superior: The ABS refers to the Anti-Burst System the ball was designed with that provides an extra level of puncture-resistant safety making it the perfect choice for rehabilitation clinics, sports and fitness training. What’s more, the Togu Powerball comes in 4 sizes to accommodate people of all sizes. And, nothing is more annoying than a run-away exercise ball. The Togu Powerball features a “double groove” design which provides necessary traction to prevent the ball from rolling away.

TOGU Dynair Senso Pro Balance Training Cushions

Dynair Pro: The Togu Dynair Pro is a combination of an inflatable ball and stable base giving the opportunity to improve skills in balance and coordination. The Dynair Pro is a great tool for rehabilitation because it provides sensorimotor training in one convenient piece of balance equipment.

  • Why the Togu Dynair Pro is Superior: Balance training relies on creating instability in order to train and strengthen necessary stabilization muscles. While instability is key, it’s important to have a balance tool that is secure. The Dynair Pro ball features the patented ABS technology while the durable base features non-slip material.

DynaSwing Balance Ball From TOGU

DynaSwing Balance Ball: The Togu Dynaswing is a balance trainer and dynamic exercise ball in one. This is an exceptional balance tool suitable for fitness and rehabilitation and helps develop deep stabilization muscles, cognition and stability.

  • Why the Togu DynaSwing Balance Ball is Superior: The Togu DynaSwing features an exercise ball, which is fixed to a stable base plate. The ball provides instability while the wooden plate provides a secure base, making a great combination for a wide range of new exercise possibilities in rehabilitation and fitness. If necessary, the rigidity of the ball can be simply adjusted using the plug valve.

Dynair Senso Cushions: The Togu Dynair Senso cushions are a great choice for exercising the back and improving balance. The Dynair Senso cushions can work in two different ways:

1. By strengthening the muscles of the back and improving posture while sitting

2. Strengthen stabilizing back muscles with specific therapeutic exercises

  • Why The Togu Dynair Senso Cushions Are Superior: The training level of the Togu Dynair Senso cushions can be easily adjusted through the air-level using the needle valve. The adjustable stages make the Dynair Senso cushions great balance training tools to use with progressive fitness training and when rehabbing from an injury.

Togu Balanza Ballstep Balance Trainer

Balanza BallStep Trainers: The Togu Balanza Ballstep Trainers are the perfect tools to use for both sensory-motor training and functional training. The Balanza trainer was designed with air-filled balls with ABS technology underneath a wooden platform creating dynamic instability. This works to activate deep stabilizing muscles and joints necessary for balance and functional training for stability. Whether as part of therapy or fitness, the Togu Balanza Ballstep trainers are a cutting-edge tool to add to any regimen.

  • Why the Togu Balanza Ballstep Trainer is Superior: The Togu Balanza trainers are completely adjustable to accommodate all fitness levels, including those new to sensory-motor training. With instability training, the body instinctively tries to rebalance itself activating and strengthening stabilizing muscles and joints.

Togu Balance products are the most advanced, durable training and balance therapy products on the market today. We’ll explore the importance of using Togu’s innovative balance equipment in both rehabilitation and fitness in future segments.