23rd Oct 2013

More Occupational Therapists Are Helping with Low-Vision Rehabilitation

An article published recently on TodayinOT.com explained a growing new trend for occupational therapists: helping those who have problems with vision.

The increased demand for low-vision therapy comes from a population in the United States that is increasingly suffering sight loss, much of it due to an aging population, with another large section of the population suffering from vision loss due to diabetes. This trend is expected to continue upward as obesity rates increase in the US.

One of the roles taken on by occupational therapists who are currently working in the area of low-vision rehabilitation is creating awareness among potentially referring doctors and their client base regarding their skills and experience can be used to treat vision problems.

For more information about how occupational therapists are meeting the needs of those who struggle with vision problems, read the entire article on TodayInOT.com