5th Feb 2016

Posted by Sara Zuboff on

One of the Best Physical Therapy Blogs for Physical Therapists - Part 2

Successfully treating patients in physical therapy is an ever evolving practice. New studies and evidence are always emerging to improve patient outcomes. In Touch Physical Therapy (https://intouchpt.wordpress.com/) has a great website helping practitioner’s stay up to date. Written by Dr. Harrison N. Vaughan, PT, DPT, OCS who started his blog in order to: “communicate with physical therapists and other healthcare providers all over the world through social media and blogging to improve our skills, techniques and information for the better of our patients and the profession.”

Posting blogs and full articles, you’ll find: full patient differentials and scholarly debate from the field, engaging visuals like diagrams, charts, videos and illustrative pictures of treatments and issues alike, where he tackles everything from golf swings to the very language used to communicate to patients about physical therapy.

In Touch Physical Therapy encourages dialogue amongst practitioners in order to more effectively learn from each other. The websites main goals are to instruct and inform on new ways to treat or fine tune professional skills, as well as keep up with new information. Updated frequently to make sure the site grows and advances along with changes in evidenced-based medicine. These are some great articles to check out:

This is a physical therapist’s blog for other therapists and practitioners. I appreciated the intention to create a dialogue within the physical therapy community about specific cases and issues. I also was impressed with the diversity and breadth of the topics offered. Another great blog offering from a physical therapist, I highly recommend all practitioners check it out.