Relief Pak Hot Pack Buying Guide for Moist Heat Units

27th Jul 2017

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Relief Pak Hot Pack Buying Guide for Moist Heat Units

Why hot packs? Hot packs are a cost-efficient way to add a heat modality to your clinic or center. Patients and clients alike enjoy the benefits of reduced pain and increased range of motion, while hot pack devices offer your practice the ability to treat multiple body parts and multiple patients at the same time. Relief Pak Hot Pack Size guide

Not only can hot packs be used to increase comfort after a difficult fitness training or rehabilitation session, scientific research has found multiple therapeutic benefits that aid in recovery for diverse injuries and chronic conditions.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Using Hot Packs

The therapeutic effects of using heat therapy in the form of hot packs include:

  • increasing the elasticity of collagen tissues
  • decreasing joint stiffness
  • reducing pain
  • relieving muscle spasms
  • lowering inflammation and edema
  • facilitates post-acute phase of healing
  • increasing blood flow

How Does Using Hot Packs Work Therapeutically?

Hot Packs for Physical Therapy

The use of heat obviously creates heat in the treated area, in the case of hot packs, within the body’s muscular tissues. This produces vasodilation that increases both the supply of oxygen and nutrients while aiding in the elimination of carbon dioxide and metabolic waste. This process is important because it increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to injured or painful muscles, which helps the damaged tissue heal. In addition, heat stimulates sensory receptors found in the skin, that when applied to painful areas, for example: the low back, there is a decrease in transmissions of pain signals to the brain and effectively reduces pain.

Heat can also be applied to inflamed areas which can promote sore or tightened muscles to relax. With improved blood flow and circulation from heat therapy, treated areas are able to more efficiently eliminate any lactic acid waste buildup, which can also create pain and/or stiffness. When treating chronic conditions like arthritis, hot packs are usually more effective in reducing muscle pain or sore joints than cold therapy. The ability to relax and relieve stiff, tense and sore muscles, coupled with the ability to stimulate blood flow and improve circulation, while increasing range of motion, and reducing stiffness in painful joints gives hot packs the easy advantage.

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However, make no mistake, using hot packs doesn’t mean you can just apply any old hot pack on an injured area and call it a day. While technically, you could, to derive the most therapeutic benefit, it’s important to choose the right hot pack to treat your area of concern.

Hot Pack Sizes and Moist Heat Unit Details

Relief Pak offers the most comprehensive line of moist heat packs that provide practitioners a simple and effective method of applying moist heat to diverse treatment areas. From the neck to low back, the Relief Pak hot packs provide up to 30 minutes treatment of therapeutic moist heat. Not only can the Relief Pak hot packs be heated in a heating unit, but they can also be easily heated in water on a stove, or even quickly in a microwave. Each hot pack is reusable, so when treatment is complete, the pack can be stored for future use.

Relief Pak HotSpot Moist Heat Pack - circular - 10" diameter:
This hot pack is perfect for spot treating areas, particularly the mid-back when patient is in the prone position. In a randomized-controlled trial published in the Official Journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine found that pain levels for patients with back strain were greatly reduced with heat therapy administered with hot packs. 

Available: Single 10" Round Moist Heat Pack or 12 Pack.


Relief Pak HotSpot Moist Heat Pack - Standard Size - 10" x 12": This size hot pack is extremely versatile because it can treat areas like the mid to low-back or the shoulder. A comparison study presented at The Eastern Athletic Trainers' Associationfound that the use of hot packs in the treatment of sports injuries decreased pain levels by 47% while also increasing functional movement.

Available: Single 10” x 12” Standard Size Moist Heat Pack or 12 Pack.


Relief Pak HotSpot Moist Heat Pack - neck contour - 7" x 24":
Relief Pak designed the neck contour hot pack to fit the unique structures of the neck. This is the perfect choice for treating all cervical issues, including pain associated with forward head syndrome and migraines.

Available: Single 7” x 24” Cervical Moist Heat Pack or 12 Pack.


Relief Pak HotSpot Moist Heat Pack - oversize - 15" x 24": Have a patient or client with generalized back pain? The oversized hot pack from Relief Pak is a great choice! Not only are hot packs great for rehabilitation, but a study published in Journal of Clinical Medical Research found that the use of hot packs is beneficial following physical therapy or fitness training in order to reduce exercise induced delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Additionally, this clinical study found that moist heat penetrates deep tissue faster than dry heat.

Available: Single Oversize 15” x 24” Moist Heat Pack or 12 pack.


Relief Pak HotSpot Moist Heat Pack - half size - 5" x 12":
This half-size hot pack is for clinics or fitness centers that need to treat smaller areas of the body like the forearm or wrist. Whether treating a patient with carpal tunnel syndrome or an athlete with forearm pain, this is the perfect hot pack to have available. Further, a study published in the Medical Science Monitor established that warming tendons generally increases elasticity and flexibility.

Available: Single 5" x 12" Half Size Moist Heat Pack or 12 Pack.


Relief Pak HotSpot Moist Heat Pack - spine-small size - 10" x 18":
Any clinician or fitness trainer knows that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to bodies. With that in mind, the Relief Pak line of moist heat packs includes a small-spine size to accommodate clients of a smaller stature. This is great to have on hand for high volume clinics who deal with diverse clientele.

Available: Single 10” x 18” Spine Small Size Moist Heat Pack or 12 pack.


Relief Pak HotSpot Moist Heat Pack - spine-large size - 10" x 24": Conversely, Relief Pak also offers a large-spine size moist heat pack. This option is also great for high volume clinics or fitness centers that want to offer heat therapy to their distinct client populations.

Available: Single 10” x 24” Large Spine Moist Heat Pack or 12 Pack.


Relief Pak HotSpot Moist Heat Pack - knee-shoulder size - 10" x 20": Joints like the knee or shoulder require a different shape than a standard hot pack. Relief Pak offers a knee-shoulder moist heat pack to effectively treat these areas, with a convenient hole to allow for space for the treated joint. A study published in Clinical Interventions in Aging found that not only is moist heat more comfortable for the majority of patients, but pain levels were greatly reduced when compared to cold or contrast therapy.

Available: Single 10” x 20” Knee or Shoulder Size Moist Heat Pack or 12 pack.


****Each size Moist Heat Pack in the Relief Pak line is available for purchase either singly or in cases of 12***

Relief Pak Moist Heat Pack Covers

When using hot packs, whether after a fitness session or as part of rehabilitation, it’s important to protect the client from the 

Bulk Moist Heat Pack Coversvery hot moist heat pack, which if used incorrectly can lead to burns. Moist heat packs can be covered simply with a heavy towel, but for added protection, it’s advised to use a hot pack cover. Relief Pak offers terry with foam-fill hot pack covers in sizes that correspond to all hot packs in the line. These covers were designed to allow the therapeutic moist heat to penetrate the deep tissues of the body without burning the skin. The moist heat pack is kept in place with an easy to use hook and loop fastener. As an alternative, Relief Pak covers come in a soft microfiber finish which further increases patient comfort. All covers in the Relief Pak line are machine washable.

****Each size Relief Pak Moist Heat Pack covers, in Terry with Foam-Fill or Microfiber, are available for purchase either singly or in cases of 12***

Moist Heat Pack Purchasing Simplified 

Interested in purchasing a set? Each size Relief Pak Moist Heat pack is available for purchase singly with a corresponding terry with foam-fill cover.