​The Acumar Inclinometer 4 Piece Set

20th Jun 2016

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​The Acumar Inclinometer 4 Piece Set

Range of motion is something people normally don’t give a second thought to until they start to experience a diminished lack of movement. Maintaining proper range of motion is one of the main goals in physical therapy and depending on the diagnosis, treatment is often planned around increasing function. The ability to measure range of motion then, is an important part of physical therapy, both in the evaluation stage and in order to measure progress along the way.

When considering tools to measure range of motion, it’s important to consider buying a kit that will meet all your needs. An inclinometer is a device used to measure both functional and passive range of motion in the body. The Acumar Inclinometer 4-piece Set is one of the best choices on the market for measuring range of motion.

Acumar Inclinometer 4 piece set is designed for range of motion evaluation.

The Best Features of the Acumar Inclinometer 4-piece Set

  • Dual Inclinometer: The Acumar Inclinometer Set comes with dual digital inclinometer as outlined in the protocols recommended by the American Medical Association (AMA), giving one device for measuring and one device for comparison. 

    Dual Digital Inclinometer from Acumar

  • Wireless Interface: Understanding the need to be able to use devices wirelessly, the Acumar 4-piece set was designed to be able to go online anywhere you can access a Wi-Fi connection making it easy to use anywhere in your clinic or offsite. 

    Acumar Wireless Interface for ROM

  • Ruler accessory included: The ruler is a great accessory to have because it allows practitioners the ability to rotate the measurement axis by 90° and read angles with respect to the vertical axis, giving more accurate measurements and versatility. 

    Ruler for Acumar Digital Inclinometers

  • Digital Display: This Inclinometer 4-piece set was designed with a large digital display making it easy to read and record test results in order to cut down on human error attempting to read testing outcomes. 

    Acumar Inclinometer with Large Digital Display

  • Storage: In order to have an accurate measurement of a patient’s range of motion, testing results are evaluated for maximum, minimum and average values. Taking that into consideration, the Acumar set allows for storage of these values simultaneously in order to make reviewing of these results quick and easy.

Range of motion can be affected by many factors: aging, injury or illness. Accurate measurement of range of motion in order to evaluate deficits, create effective treatment regimens and track progress is an important piece of physical therapy. The Acumar Inclinometer 4-piece set gives practitioners a valuable measurement tool that is both accurate and extremely easy to use.

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