The Benefits of the Acumar Complete Inclinometer Range of Motion Kit

14th Apr 2016

Posted by Sara Zuboff on

The Benefits of the Acumar Complete Inclinometer Range of Motion Kit

The first session with a patient in physical or occupational therapy is always the evaluation. It’s important to have a hands-on assessment of the patient, their condition and their rehabilitation needs. Functional capacity equipment  Acumar Complete Inclinometer Range of Motion Kit (abbreviated FCE) are used by occupational therapists for evaluation because it can help them understand the abilities of patients as they perform specific functions related to work assignments. Some of the areas occupational therapist tests for are:

  • Strength
  • Position tolerance
  • Mobility
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Endurance
  • Fine motor skills

The results of these tests come together to paint a picture of the basic needs to be met during a treatment session. The  Acumar Complete Inclinometer Range of Motion Kit is a must have in an occupational clinic because it offers accuracy, objectivity, the ability to replicate and document range of motion measurements.

The  Acumar Digital Dual Inclinometer has the features occupational therapists need to perform adequate evaluation tests. The top benefits include:

  1. Wireless: Always on the cutting edge of technology, this Inclinometer is the world's first digital inclinometer that offers easy to use wireless data, so it can be used anywhere in your clinic.
  2. Easy to use: The Acumar Inclinometer was designed to store date while testing, making it easy and efficient to evaluate patients and receive reliable results.
  3. Wireless transmission: Making it even easier to receive patient results, the Digital Inclinometer is able to wirelessly send patient test results right to the clinic’s computer, lowering human transcribing error and increasing efficiency.
  4. Acumar Inclinometer Ruler Attachment: The Digital Inclinometer was designed to be able to attach to a ruler allowing the measurement axis to be rotated 90°, electronically, and is able to read angles with respect to the vertical axis, making it useful to help measure the upper and lower extremities and assist in x-ray film reading.
  5. Convenient Case: Storage of equipment is always a concern at our clinic. The Acumar Digital Inclinometer comes with its own cable and storage case, making it a space efficient tool in any occupational therapy clinic.

Being able to take accurate measurements in a time efficient manner plays a large part in the success of any patient evaluation and subsequent treatment plan. The Acumar Complete Inclinometer Range of Motion Kit allows practitioners to measure patient’s range of motion with the reliable results therapist’s expect and client’s appreciate.

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