20th Apr 2016

Posted by Sara Zuboff on

​The Benefits Using the Chattanooga Artromot K-3 Knee Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) in Physical Therapy

Total knee arthroplasty is a common intervention for patients suffering from arthritis. Post-surgical rehabilitation with a physical therapist may include the use of a continuous passive motion device. A randomized, controlled trial published in the Cochrane Database System Review showed that the use of continuous passive motion for the knee increased passive and active knee flexion range of motion.

The Chattanooga Artromot K-3 Knee Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) device is a great choice when looking to outfit a clinic with a quality CPM device to help patients post-surgery.

K 3 CPM Continuous Passive Motion Machine from Chattanooga

The  Artromot K-3 Knee Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Features:

  1. Convenience: The Artromot K-3 is easy to program with a convenient hand-held control that allows practitioners to set treatment parameters such as extension, flexion, pause, force and speed.
  2. Programmed features: When considering treatment options, the Artromot K-3 comes with 4 hidden programming features to choose from: warm-up, patient runtime, device runtime, full speed and motion.
  3. Adjustable: Keeping in mind that patients aren’t “one size fits all”, the Chattanooga Knee CPM was designed to be adjustable with wide, deep leg orthosis to accommodate patients of all sizes.
  4. Pediatric: Additionally, the K-3 was designed to be used with pediatric patients in addition to adults. Converting to adjust for pediatric patients is easy and quick to do.
  5. Safe to use: Designed with a wide, stable skid-resistant base, the K-3 CPM has increased safety for user’s and with a “grab easy” base: lifting, transporting and storing the device is a snap.

Some of the conditions treated with a Knee CPM device are not only total knee arthroplasty, but also:

  • Post-ACL repair
  • Post-surgery for arthrofibrosis/adhesive capsulitis
  • Post-surgery for cartilage fracture
  • Post tibial plateau fracture repair

With post-surgery rehabilitation the goal and focus is a return to functional range of motion and ability to participate in day-to-day activities without pain or significant restrictions. CPM devices are a necessary part of physical therapy rehabilitation for the knee and hip to assist in increasing function in both a passive and active capacity. The Chattanooga Artromot K-3 Knee CPM device was designed with both the ease of use for the practitioner and the comfort and safety of our patients in mind, making it the perfect choice for any clinic that works with rehabilitation of the knee.

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