The InTENSity Professional Series | CX 4, EX 4, and Portable E-Stim & Ultrasound Devices

30th Apr 2021

The InTENSity Professional Series | CX 4, EX 4, and Portable E-Stim & Ultrasound Devices

Technological advances have furthered ultrasound therapy devices and what they can do. Beyond providing ultrasound therapy, new ultrasound devices can help pick appropriate treatment protocols, deliver treatment more efficiently, and in some cases combine treatment with another physical therapy modality. When looking at the benefits of a professional electrotherapy and/or ultrasound series, it makes sense to purchase a machine on the cutting edge of technology.

InTENsity CX 4 Ultrasound &
E-Stim Machine
InTENsity EX 4 Electrotherapy
InTENsity Portable
E-Stim Machine
InTENsity CX 4 Combination Therapy MachineInTENsity EX 4 Electrotherapy MachineInTENsity 12 Portable TENs Machine

For example, the InTENSity professional series can help practitioners:

  • Efficiently set up treatment parameters
  • Customize treatment on an individual basis as needed
  • Combine ultrasound therapy with electrotherapy

The InTENSity Professional series has a device that will suit the needs of any clinic. From innovative electrical stimulation units to advanced 4-channel ultrasound/e-stim devices to portable ultrasound machines, the InTENSity Professional series provides top-quality e-stim and ultrasound therapy with many benefits that will increase both rehabilitative outcomes and treatment efficiency.

Featured InTENsity Electrotherapy Devices

The Advantages of the InTENSity EX4 Electrotherapy Device

The InTENSity EX4 is one of the most advanced 4-channel electrotherapy devices on the market today. The EX4 offers a wide range of preprogrammed & customizable treatment options while still being easy to use. Some of the features of the EX4 electrical stimulation unit are:

InTENsity EX 4 Features Touch Screen, Protocol Library, and Mobile Cart

Simple to Use: The InTENSity EX4 comes with a color, touchscreen menu-driven interface. This innovative feature can group and display appropriate clinical protocols helping practitioners to choose the ideal treatment. Further, with step-by-step instructions, it’s easy to set-up sessions and with a few simple key strokes, practitioners can even use the “quick start” option.

Protocol Library: With a library of preset clinical protocols, the EX4 was designed to help practitioners set up and deliver e-stim treatment efficiently. And with the ability to customize their own parameters and save to “favorites”, practitioners can also store their own user-defined settings for future use.

Innovative Electrotherapy: Research has shown that electrotherapy is a superior modality to use when treating acute and chronic pain. The EX4 allows practitioners to have different protocols running simultaneously. The EX4 include 6 clinical waveforms:

  • Interferential Stimulation Premodulated (2 Pole & 4 Pole IFC)
  • Biphasic (TENS)
  • Neuromuscular Stimulation (NMS)
  • Russian Stimulation
  • High Volt Pulsed Current
  • Microcurrent

Comprehensive Library: The extensive library included with the InTENSity EX4 provides practitioners treatment education along with full color graphics of suggested electrode placement.

According to a report comprised of a meta-analysis of research studies showed that electrical stimulation positively provided relief of chronic musculoskeletal pain. Additionally, the meta-analysis looked at randomized controlled trials and found e-stim therapy was consistently effective for pain relief in acute, emergent, and postoperative pain conditions while also reducing the need for analgesic oral pain medication. (Read the report here).

Some of these conditions include:

  • Rheumatoid & Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Post-Caesarean Section

The InTENSity professional series was designed to help practitioners provide better treatment outcomes and improve clinic efficiency. An ultrasound and electrotherapy combination device is an excellent choice to help clinics and practitioners to achieve both of those goals.

Combination Ultrasound/Electrotherapy Devices

The InTENSity CX4 is an electrical stimulation/ultrasound therapy combination device in the InTENSity professional series. With similar electrical stimulation features to the EX4, the CX4 was designed to provide innovative ultrasound technology in addition to e-stim

The Benefits of the InTENSity CX4 Combination Machine

  • Improved set-up and treatment efficiency: The CX4 was designed with a large, easy-to-read, color LCD display with a touchscreen interface that reduces set-up time and allows parameters to be easily adjusted and selected.
  • Multi-Patient Option: For clinics that need the ability to treat more than one patient at a time, the InTENSity CX4 was designed with a multi–patient function that gives clinics the ability to treat up to three patients at once.
  • Ergonomic Design: The InTENSity professional series was designed to not only be easy to use, but also be simple to store. The CX4 features a sleek, ergonomic design that makes it perfect for table top or therapy cart use.
  • Effective Radiating Area: The CX4 comes with anergonomically designed 5 cm² sound head which provides excellent ERA (effective radiating area) during treatments. For practices that require a smaller ultrasound applicator, a 1 cm² sound head is also available. The included ultrasound applicators were designed to provide superior Beam Nonuniformity Ratios of 5:1 (ideal would be would be approximately 4 – 6)

Research supports the use of electrical stimulation and ultrasound therapy used together in the treatment of pain. A study published in the Journal of Musckuloskeletal Pain found that e-stim and ultrasound used simultaneously was superior in providing immediate pain relief in myofascial trigger points. (Read the article here) Not only is ultrasound/e-stim combination therapy beneficial in reducing pain, it can also help reduce rehabilitation time, particularly for people who are post ACL reconstruction. (Read the article here)

Some other physical conditions that would benefit from electrical stimulation/ultrasound therapy combination therapy include:

  • Piriformis Syndrome
  • Nerve & Tendon injuries (for example: tendonitis)
  • Multiple Sclerosis

In some cases, when treating patients with chronic or acute pain, it’s important to have strategies and equipment available for home use. In addition to providing clinics superior rehabilitation devices, there are portable options perfect for home use in the InTENSity series available too. Between treatment sessions, patients can have their pain-relieving electrotherapy therapy at home.

InTENsity Portable Electrotherapy Devices

The InTENSity portable series was designed to offer diverse treatment options and waveforms in a user-friendly device. Each portable electrotherapy device is rechargeable and comes programmed with body-part specific settings. In order to ensure ideal therapeutic treatment, the portable series offers patients step-by-step instructions in addition to a customizable option in order to optimize pain relief. And with a belt-clip and carrying case accessories, the InTENSity portable series is ready to provide e-stim therapy anywhere it is needed.

The InTENSity Portable Series Advantage

  • User-friendly: The InTENSity portable series was designed to be used by clinicians and non-clinicians alike. Setting up treatment is easy with 6 body-part specific programmed settings (neck, shoulder, hand, lower back, knee, foot). Also, the InTENSity devices come with preset treatment times to take the guesswork for non-clinicians out of how long a session should last.
  • Ultimate Pain Relief: The InTENSity portable series delivers fast pain relief with 2 channels of independent stimulation output. The InTENSity portable series offers the following waveforms: TENS, NMES, IF, and Russian in order to meet each patient’s unique needs.
  • Battery Operated: The InTENSity portable series comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery making it easy for patients to use anywhere in their home. A USB/wall charger is included to make it easy to recharge when needed. Also, a low battery indicator and LED charging indicator light keep patients aware of their devices power needs.
  • Ready to Use: The InTENSity portable series comes ready to provide electrotherapy immediately with a 4 pack of InTENSity electrodes, pair of lead wires, instruction manual, and quick start guide to provide practitioners and patients everything they require to get started.

In the clinic, treatment sessions generally run about 50 minutes and practitioners don’t want to waste precious moments setting up therapeutic devices. Innovation has made it possible to have access to devices that not only provide superior pain management modalities, but also increase the efficiency of a clinician’s treatment. However, when a patient suffers from a condition that causes chronic or acute pain that inhibits their daily life, it’s important to have options for them to use on their own. The InTENSity professional series was designed with both practitioners and patients in mind. Their portable series makes it possible to maximize therapeutic benefits of electrical stimulation therapy for patients outside of the clinic. This provides patients with many benefits including:

  • Lowered use of oral analgesic pain medication
  • Reduction in recovery time
  • Increased ability to perform life and job tasks

When looking for rehabilitation equipment, the benefits of the InTENSity professional series makes it a clear winner for most clinics. The InTENSity professional series offers state-of-the-art therapeutic devices making it easier for rehabilitative practitioners to reduce their patient’s pain & inflammation, improve their functional movement, and return them to their daily activities in a time-efficient, safe and effective manner.