11th May 2018

Posted by Sara Zuboff on

The Jtech Dualer IQ Digital inclinometer

From initial examinations to tracking progress, having tools that can take accurate measurements are an important part of rehabilitation. Measuring spine and extremity range of motion requires a device that is not only accurate, but time efficient and easy to use. The Jtech Dualer IQ Digital Inclinometer provides superior features and functionality compared to other non-computerized inclinometer systems.

Advantages of the Jtech Dualer IQ Digital Inclinometer

Efficient: This digital inclinometer was designed to be time efficient, allowing practitioners test and record results for up to 19 tests, without interruption. This makes the testing process seamless without unnecessary stop and starts. This allows for things like measuring true range of motion plus movement at the upper and lower extremes of the spine segment without resetting or performing a complete spinal range of motion exam without the need to pause to record results. This saves valuable treatment time while also providing valuable information such as range of motion end points.

Assorted Uses: With the real understanding of the diverse measurement needs of practitioners, the JTech Inclinometer allows for measurements of spinal range of motion with dual inclinometry. Additionally, the digital inclinometer is able to quantify total range of motion.

Accuracy: With measurements, accuracy is by and far the most important feature of any measurement device. Keeping that in mind, this digital inclinometer was designed to automatically subtracts extraneous movement for accurate range of motion measurements. Also, the Jtech Dualer can be used in static mode to simulate most basic goniometer range of motion techniques.

Mobile: Without the need to be plugged into a computer, the JTech Digital Inclinometer can be used anywhere in the clinic and can be used for any offsite evaluations.

Identifies Restrictions: With mobility issues can come stiffness and rigidity of the joints or compensatory posturing to avoid pain with movement. Identifying these are just as important as measuring range of motion. The Jtech inclinometer device easily records ankylosis and antalgic restrictions which can be used to help form treatment plans and evaluate progress.

Treating restrictions takes knowledge and understanding. Accurate measurements of range of motion provide the knowledge that leads to an understanding of what treatment to provide to increase function. Accuracy in measurement devices is the most important feature followed by ease and efficiency. The Jtech Dualer IQ Digital inclinometer provides all of these and is a superior choice when measuring spinal and extremity range of motion.