11th May 2018

Posted by Sara Zuboff on

The Phoenix HD 3-Wheel/4-Wheel Scooter

Having mobility issues doesn’t mean that patient’s don’t want or need to be on the go. In order to keep patients able to go about their daily lives, it becomes important for them to have access to tools that help them maintain their independence. But not all scooters are created equal. It’s important to evaluate all of the features each scooter offers to make sure patient’s needs are fully met.

Durability and reliability are two of the most important traits when considering buying a mobility scooter. The Phoenix HD with 3 or 4-wheels offer both and the ability of helping people up to 350 pounds.

In addition to being durable and providing reliability the Phoenix HD offers many benefits that patients will appreciate:

  1. Easy to drive: Both the 3-wheel and 4-wheel models are easy to drive. Patients with limited dexterity will appreciate that a key switch starts the scooter, a simple fingertip throttle control makes it easy to accelerate, backup and stop.
  2. Can be used for short trips: The Phoenix HD offers more than short trips to the store. With a travel range of 15 miles, it’s possible to use the Phoenix HD to run errands and take short trips around town.
  3. Easy transport: Breaking down and taking the Phoenix HD with patients couldn’t get easier. The Phoenix HD conveniently breaks down into 5 lightweight pieces. With compact pieces that fit easily into a trunk of a car, transport is a snap.
  4. Fast reassembly: For folks who are less mechanically inclined like me, it’s important to find mobility tools that are ease to break down and reassemble. With the Phoenix HD, reassembly takes less than a minute, so patients can easily put the Phoenix HD together and go about the business of their day.
  5. Designed with Safety in Mind: Safety is an important feature of the Phoenix HD and one of the most valuable features of this scooter. With a headlight for nighttime visibility, and a horn for alerting other vehicles, the Phoenix HD lets patients travel during day or night.

Mobility issues shouldn’t mean that patients can go about their daily lives. Mobility issues just mean that modifications and tools need to be used in order for patients to be able to maintain their daily routines and schedules. The Phoenix HD is a mobility scooter that allows patients to experience the independence they’re used to.