11th Nov 2015

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Top Health and Wellness Blogs

Top Wellness Blogs from a Physical Therapy

Patient education is an important part of physical therapy. It empowers patients to make necessary changes and helps increase patient compliance. With the internet, information about injuries or diagnoses are just a Google search away for patients. Often times, we advise patients not to do internet research at all until they’re seen and we can provide them with websites and information that are sound, otherwise they are wading in a sea of sometimes misinformation. Here are some of the best blogs we’ve found to address a diverse range of patient topics:

  1. www.rawarrior.com: This blog devoted to Rheumatoid Arthritis is inspirational and educational. Run by an RA patient, Kelly Young, who was diagnosed in 2006, shares her knowledge to empower others with RA. Her blog includes personal stories, treatment options, factsheets, recipes, info on local support groups, and tips on finding a doctor.
  2. www.countingmyspoons.com: Julie Ryan is a real warrior. She uses her blog to raise awareness about migraines, fibromyalgia, TMD. Each Wednesday (FibroWednesday), she interviews other Fibromyalgia patients to share experiences, treatment options and information.
  3. www.daily.barbellshrugged.com: This website also has a great fitness and nutrition podcast and is a wonderful resource for athletic clients looking to stay informed and educated with articles based on Kinesiology and Exercise Sports Science.
  4. www.spine-health.com/blog/: This site is all about the back, prevention and treatment of back pain. This is a great resource which explores everything from low back pain to osteoporosis looks to inform not only about clinical treatment, gives patients information about making better choices for their spine health.
  5. http://www.blogaboutpelvicpain.com/: Written by physical therapist, Sara K. Sauder PT, DPT who is educational with a good sense of humor (a must in my book); this blog is a great resource for not only the men and women who suffer from pelvic pain, but physical therapists who treat it.

I love sharing patient education because patients love to feel empowered and informed. Not only does it provide patients with some security, information and accessible action steps; blogs are a wonderful way of connecting patients with other folks who have gone through what they’re experiencing. This connection goes a long way towards inspiring patient compliance and the courage to stick with the sometime up and down journey of physical therapy treatment.