18th Apr 2016

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​Treating Myofascial Pain Syndrome with Ultrasound/TENS combination therapy

Myofascial Pain Syndrome is disorder in trigger points in the muscles can cause pain, even in unrelated areas of the body. The cause of myofascial pain syndrome can be from overuse or repeated injury. When experiencing myofascial pain syndrome, patients may experience chronic pain or a tender muscle knot (trigger point). 

Combo Therapy(Ultrasound and TENs) for Myofascial Pain

The ComboCare from Roscoe Medical is an affordable and effective option for treating
Myofascial Pain in the clinic and at home.

Treatment of myofascial pain syndrome includes physical therapy, oral pain medication, local injections and relaxation techniques to reduce stress-induced flare-ups. The trigger points associated with Myofascial pain are considered active or latent. When trigger points are active, research has shown that the affected areas will also have muscle spasms and limited range of motion.

In order to treat this combination of symptoms, it requires a combination of physical therapy modalities. Ultrasound therapy along with Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) can be used to reduce pain, muscle spasms and increase range of motion. According to the study at the S.D.M College of Physiotherapy, Effects of Combination Therapy (TENS & Ultrasound) in the Treatment of Active Myofascial Trigger Points by P.B. Mukkannavar, used simultaneously, ultrasound and TENS are able to rapidly resolve trigger point pain and increase range of motion.

Most physical therapy offices have ultrasound and TENS units, but to use them simultaneously would require a lot of time, preparation and orchestration. That’s where combination units become an essential tool for a clinic.

InTENsity CX 4 Combination Therapy Unity

Another example, the InTENSity CX4 Ultrasound Therapy/TENS unit provides the ability to treat up to 3 patients at once using combination therapy. In addition to cutting down on the time to be able to provide ultrasound and TENS simultaneously, the 

Benefits of the InTENSity CX4

InTENSity CX4 has many benefits that clinics should consider:

  • Extensive library with treatment education and suggested electrode placement
  • “Favorites” feature allows storage of up to 99 custom treatment programs
  • Multiple waveform electrotherapy with six clinical waveform modalities
  • Pulsed (which is effective when treating trigger points) and continuous modes
  • Ergonomically designed 5 cm² sound head for excellent ERA during treatments (1 cm² sound head optional)

With its 3 year warranty, clinics can use the InTENSity CX4 without worry and with its ergonomic design and storage capabilities; it takes care of space considerations that most clinics have to consider.

Being able to provide the best treatment possible is the main concern of any physical therapy clinic. As such, it’s imperative to have the highest quality tools available. Myofascial pain syndrome is just one of many patient issues that can benefit from ultrasound and TENS combination therapy used simultaneously. The InTENSity CX4 allows clinics to provide the best quality of care leading to higher patient success rates and satisfaction.

Treating myofascial pain syndrome successfully with physical therapy cuts down on a patient’s need and reliance on oral medication and more extreme treatments. With its ability to not only reduce but stop trigger point pain associated with the syndrome, ultrasound/TENS combination therapy is an important component in treatment options for patients suffering from the effects of myofascial pain syndrome.