Ultrasound Therapy Machines | Mettler Electronics & Chattanooga

8th Jan 2015

Ultrasound Therapy Machines | Mettler Electronics & Chattanooga

Our Mettler Electronics and Chattanooga Ultrasound Therapy Machines are world class. Shop our selection of ultrasound technology products and accessories used in hospitals, clinics, research institutions and elsewhere. We also carry ultrasound therapy equipment from Mettler Electronics and accessories from other quality medical manufacturing brands. For help with determining which system and setup is best for your needs, please contact us.

Mettler Handheld Ultrasound

Utilizing ultrasound waves through muscle, nerve and connective tissue has been well documented as effective in reducing pain, muscle spasms and joint contractures. There are several items that affect the penetration of ultrasound on the target tissues. Please refer to the product literature as a reference on the appropriate frequency and other settings for your clinical needs.

The following video was produced by Chattanooga Group, the manufacturer of the Intelect TranSport system and other world class ultrasound equipment.