User Manual for the PinchTrack Dynamometer by JTech Medical

11th Mar 2015

User Manual for the PinchTrack Dynamometer by JTech Medical

Measure pinch strength with the PinchTrack Commander by JTech Medical. For the most reliable and well made pinch strength gauges on the market see our featured PinchTrack Commander. Simply place the device on your wrist or connect to your computer. The PinchTrack can calculate fatigue, average force, and maximum force for up to 25 bilateral measurements. 

Pinch Strength Dynamometer by JTECH

Customize your own protocols and capture all of the information you need quickly and accurately. See below for top features of the JTECH PinchTrack Dynamometer and user manual.  

Top Features of the JTech PinchTrack Commander

  • Unit can be used as either a wrist unit or integrated with your desktop.
  • Capable of gathering up to 25 bilateral pinch strength measurements and up to 4 repitions per side.
  • Can be used to calculate fatigue, maximum and/or average force for each repition.
  • Battery powered for maximum portable operation.
  • Customizable test protocols for number of tests, newtons/pounds, test time and starting force.
  • See user manual below for more

User Manual for the PinchTrack Commander by JTech Medical