What to do With Your Old Whirlpool Therapy Tub

14th Nov 2022

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What to do With Your Old Whirlpool Therapy Tub

What to do With Your Old Whirlpool

Whirlpool therapy has been around for a long time and the use of whirlpools in hospitals, therapy clinics, sports medicine clinics, professional, collegiate, and high school athletic training facilities, continues to grow as the medical treatment, therapy interventions and mental health benefits offered to patients, athletes, and users supports its continued use.

The stainless-steel and durable construction of the whirlpool tanks often outlast the turbine engines that provide the mechanical agitation to the water in the whirlpool. So, what should you do when the turbine engine goes out and a new turbine is no longer supported with your current whirlpool model?

The answer to this question is quite simple, convert that whirlpool to a cold tank for use in treating athletes post activity with cold water therapy.

What are the Benefits of Cold Water Therapy in a Tub?

Cold water therapy is a therapeutic intervention used to reduce the degree of exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD) and delayed onset muscle damage, both of which are associated with muscle swelling, muscle stiffness, and increased muscle soreness. These deleterious conditions can delay recovery from vigorous activity and adversely affect subsequent athletic performance.

In an article reported in Sports Medicine titled, “Water Immersion Recovery for Athletes: Effect on Exercise Performance and Practical Recommendations” (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23743793/), it states that, “Numerous articles have reported that cold water immersion (CWI) can enhance recovery of performance in a variety of sports, with immersion in 10-15 °C water for 5-15 min duration appearing to be most effective at accelerating performance recovery.” The article further states that additional investigation is needed to determine the optimal CWI duration “as the water temperature, and the time between CWI and the subsequent exercise bout appears to influence the effect on performance.”

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Which New Whirlpool Tub Should I Get?

There are a variety of Whitehall Whirlpools available to meet the many different needs of the clinician, therapist, or athlete. You can purchase:

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What Different Turbine Options are Available?

Because whirlpools come in different heights, and configurations there are different turbines to specifically fit the whirlpool model(s). Check out the different available Whitehall Whirlpool Tub Turbines. (https://www.prohealthcareproducts.com/whirlpool-tub-turbines/)

What are the Optional Hydrotherapy Tub Accessories?

Patient/athlete comfort and positioning is important while receiving hydrotherapy. Various Whitehall seating configurations, head supports, lifts, drainage hoses and units, and disinfectants are available.(https://www.prohealthcareproducts.com/hydrotherapy-tub-accessories/)